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17 Jul 2010, 16:50 (edited 17 Jul 10, 16:51)
For: Mines of Diamondus
Level rating: 8.3

Hi. I have finally found something interesting
Mines Of Diamondus by ThunderWalker:
Now the review:

You start with Jazz/Spaz/LOri and you get to the first text
(which you could fix by the way) , and after that the show begins.

Story: Well no storyline but i won’t deduct too much out of it.

Eyecandy: The typical Diamondus tileset with 90% caves,
there weren’t too many bugs, although i have found one and after that i died because of a bat; it was covered but layer 3 contain the cave blue as well.
The layer 5 is used as well for some background cave, and layer 8 the same, layer 7and 6 with caves and holes full of leaf(or whatever that green thing is.)

Gameplay You start on a platform, it’s quite dark, there are some spikes down so be careful, there are quite a few enemies although it would be more usefull to put hurt floor instead of bees on the spikes, there are bats, hidden everywhere, carrots hidden, coins,ammo crates and barrels, there is a large variety of enemies although some only appear once or appear many in one place, there are a lot of warps, guns, food and many others.
Another thing about spikes: There are near end which is not good!
The checkpoints aren’t quite often met: I died at 1/4 of level and started from the begining, because there are only 2 checkpoints in all the level. Anyway it’s quite linear but it is a good gameplay.
And you could try putting more enemies in hard mode instead of pilling enemies on normal mode. It’s quite hard.

Ammo placement: As i said before there are all weapons, although i just wonder what’s with the electro gun?
Anyway, it’s enough for the entire level,but sometime i just felt like: why don’t just use the blaster instead of all these?
fire on bees, rapiers and raven(that’s arguable).
bouncer for…. enemies..
RF for enemies or boss.
TNT for crates.
and the rest for boss, because from what’ i’ve analysed in the level, all Destruct Scenery are with Weapon 0 so you can shoot them wih anything(except freezer ammo)….

Enemy placement
There are bees on the horisontal spikes, there are bats hidden everywhere, dragons spit fire at you when “you need the most”, a lot of tough turtles, and some are just in one place or more in 1 place and appear once in the whole level.(eg: the rapiers).
The boss is the schwarzenguard; i sincerely hope nobody has 1 life right before he/she fights it. There is a “low” spike from which you can’t escape other than jjfly…
It’s a good thing the spikes before the boss stomp blocks aren’t “spiky”; no hurt event… yeey!.

The Result:
Story: None: 7.5/10
Gameplay: Good but still room for more. 8.5/10
Ammo placement: Good, there are all guns although some are useless…. 8.5/10
Enemy_place. Lots of enemies, though, the fact that there are too many is making it hard 8.5/10
Originality: Yes, original level with a cavey design. 9.3/10
Bugs: Almost none: 9/10
Miscelaneous: You could learn making some texts…. 8/10

Final mark: 7.5+8.5+8.5+8.5+9.3+9+8 / 7 => 8.3 with DR

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16 Jul 2010, 11:49 (edited 16 Jul 10, 15:36)
For: Blizzard
Level rating: 8.9

Does the level work with ogg file? if yes please tell me how to. Until now i recieved an Unsuported media type…

[Welcome to two years ago. ~cooba]

Oh yeah? then where can i possibly get 1.23 or 1.24? I have 1.24X but it doesn’t work on it, 1.24 avalon but it’s not working, and all i found is 1.20 and when i try to upgrade it to 1.23 it sais that it’s already updated…

nvm i found 1.24

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24 Jun 2010, 10:41 (edited 24 Jun 10, 10:44)
For: Abandoned Park
Level rating: 8.1

Hi! As I promissed in Review Exchange i will revire this level.

First of all i wish to say that it’s nice, NO bugs and quite fun actually. Here is the review: You start at the top and get RF’s to attack the bases, but after deaths, they are useless, though. You get the flag via a green spring.
There are some ammo like Bouncers, RF, seekers, and Electro, there is an MCE with some coins kinda in the middle, which i like, There is some food, on the middle there are 3 or 4 things to eat, and a Full NRG somewhere..

Another thing is the underground, which is quite small, and has bouncer and seekers, a Bouncer PU, and the rooms are connected by tubes that get you out to the surface, which is quite flat The flow of the level is ok, i did not found anything that might reduce it’s fun radically, there are some sucker tubes in the middle, which i tried near the blue base and the red, and both got me out.

Anyway, the eyecandy is good: 9.3
Ammo placement good but after sometime it becomes useless though 9.1
Food: well onle candy, burger ,fries and a fost drink. They are respwning but their number is quite small: 8.8
EDIT: found a Thing in the wall…
Carrots: 1x FullNRG and a respawning carrot on the wall… : 9.0
Music: good: 9.4.
What’s with the coins? anyway ti’s a MCE event so i liked it.
Score: 9.3+9.1+8.8+9.0+9.4/5 = 9.12 aka 9.1 with DR

Review by mortalspaz

8 Dec 2009, 13:58
For: Pyramid 3D
Level rating: 9.1

2D game with 3d tileset would ruin it all. sorry that’s what i think

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4 Nov 2009, 15:47
For: Episode Three: The Battle for Carrotus
Level rating: 9.6

I am not really in the mood of writing a full review but i will point some aspects from the pack. The eyecandy is very good. There are no bugs or anything, gameplay was very good. The levels really make you feel that you are there and the enemy/picup placement is not frustrating. Music is very good and it fits the pack etc. My rating is 9.7 with DR

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1 Nov 2009, 08:20
For: Set of minilevels
Level rating: 7.1

A set of minilevels. Cool. The levels are quite small and they are probably used far a very quick battle.
They are quite fun.
These levels look good but they are not something amazing. The levels look kinda like the same(layout) and some feel bland. The wierd thing was with the toaster pu. (what’s with that? you get stuck…)
But. I liked the tileset use. These levels are very nice.
Music is good for the pack. and i hope i will play more than just 6 of them.
Thses levels suit the type of jazz2 level, which is battle and i think they worth a 7.5 with DR

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24 Sep 2009, 20:58 (edited 28 Sep 09, 14:08)
For: Turtle Treasure 2. A Friend From Outer Space
Level rating: 7.5

When will you start waiting for reviews coming from another person and not rate your OWN uploads?

OK. If JazzBusters is your brother, how come the interval between his and your log in, is so small?

Review by mortalspaz

6 Aug 2009, 10:18
For: Jazz 2 Finished Secret levels
Level rating: N/A

there’s a problem.
1) In far out in most of the places JCS gives error and stops responding and in gameplay soon after start i get access violation.
2) I don’t see anything changed in Birdland.
3)On psych 3 JCS on save & run sais there are unknown references.

Review by mortalspaz

3 Aug 2009, 12:20
For: Wadledee's First Tube Electric
Level rating: 5.4

wadledee! That’s personal attack!
He maybe did not considered that as an option!

Review by mortalspaz

1 Aug 2009, 11:37 (edited 1 Aug 09, 11:47)
For: 10-Party
Level rating: N/A

the zip wold have been probably too large ….
I’ll try to compress all of em…
The file is 2.33 MB but you can leave the 1.33MB music and choose another one.’

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1 Aug 2009, 09:08 (edited 1 Aug 09, 20:08)
For: Hot Carrots
Level rating: 6.5

I can. And i saw lots of regenerating things such as PU’s coins and others!

*STORY*(EDIT 1: Missed this one)
No story in this pack…Always include a story to make it more interesting.
Cons:No story N/a

EYECANDY… This is a good level that combines jungle with other tilesets.Some tilebugs were found but not too much.
Pros:not to many tilebugs and level looks nice.
Cons:Flashy floor somewhere near the end of the level.

GAMEPLAY: No word to describe it… can’t say neutral.
The truth is that this level has some sort of warp chamber where you have to be careful not to fall into one or you’ll start back over.
There are few puzzles,,, well most of them require a certain weapon.
Pros:Good gameplay and puzzles.
Cons:The warp chambers were kinda hard to pass.

PICUP PLACEMENT:There’s a problem here:
All the picups are just “chock-a-block”…(deffinition: All of them are one next to each other)without the possibility to find more.Another thing is that there are respawning coins and ammo. eg: 307 bullets of bouncer when maximum is 99. See this one :D
Cons:Respawning things.

The majority of the enemies are just in one place,these respawning as well.I mean… There ar lots of fat chicks and normal turtles somewhere all of them respawning.
Pros:it was a challenge….
Cons:Lots of enemies in 1 place and respawning.


I think this level is quite fast paced having 2 almost impossibe warp chambers to pass without a cheat, 2 bosses: a schwarzenguard and a bolly, having RF TNT Bouncer and seeker ammo, using an original set, and the music being….. carrotus?Oh well…


Fast Paced: quite
Boss(es):Schwarzenguard and Bolly
Long:Not really
Lori Playable: Yes (has 1.23 version and 1.24 in the *.zip file)

This level can be improoved but after all it is fun to play.
EDIT 2: I did not knew that… that’s an explication for respawning enemies.. Apolagies. Rating changed from 6.5 to 7.2….

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31 Jul 2009, 17:50
For: Familiar World 2 (file re-uploaded)
Level rating: 6.6

Nice!! It’s a good eyecandy, good tileset use, but the bad part was: No music except the castle lvl.
Ammo placement good, big maps,fast paced , must have:yes,puzzles:yes rating is 9 with DR

Review by mortalspaz

28 Jul 2009, 08:27
For: WadlCury Easter
Level rating: 7.2

For crying out loud! Don’t listen to them “convert to 1.23”. If you wanna play it download TSF already!

Review by mortalspaz

27 Jul 2009, 15:09
For: Karrot Shire 1.0 - unfinished
Level rating: N/A

i don’t know… Did you tried to copy the level in jj2 start it and jjfly and jjnowall? it works but is this a battle level or a sp one?

Review by mortalspaz

24 Jul 2009, 22:47
For: Vlads temple
Level rating: 3.0

My temple :D!

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20 Jul 2009, 10:46
For: Stonar Funk
Level rating: 8.4


Not recommendedReview by mortalspaz

20 Jul 2009, 07:56 (edited 20 Jul 09, 11:31)
For: Boss Practice
Level rating: 2.6

please don’t upload files that aren’t yours…
I don’t know why i should rate this levels but let’s go on.

These levels are all Epic levels except 2.One is Dx’s Cave level and it looks like you made 1 on your own.

“missing animation”… No story!


All the Boss levels from the original JJ2 game have a Jazz start near the boss in every one of them. So your contribution is just with that wall next to the “Jazz Start” event.
I don’t think you ever heard of JJfly and JJnowall…
I played the levels from the begining :D ,so it won’t be that annoying and boring.

The JJ2 levels (this vs.) play:

You start at the end of each level, there’s no posibility to go back(because of the “so called” wall which is badly made in most cases.) you just have to stomp or fall or get to the boss to defeat it.

And in that Bilsy level you made there’s no gameplay.
You shoot some blocks and warped on a place to beat Bilsy.


“MA!” same as jj2 game.

Enemy and Picup Placement:

Same as jj2 again. There’s absolutely no change of anyone of them.

I have nothing to say of the author,where he lives, about his clothes ,his voice, etc.

So without saying anything else:
You should make your own levels and my rating is 3.2! with no DR

Review by mortalspaz

19 Jul 2009, 15:05 (edited 19 Jul 09, 15:20)
For: Natural Battle
Level rating: 3.5

you don’t have to get angry.
“N00b” has more than just 1 sense:

Definition 1

1: Someone who is new to a game, or website, online game, or something.

2: A “noob” is a person who is new or inexperienced in a subject.

3: “Noob” is derived from the word ‘new’ .

4: Noobs are often referred to as n00bs as a sign of disrespect toward them.

Definition 2:

Originally an (shortened) insult to newcomers in forums or internet games. It is used in certain places to describe someone who is slightly – err…slow and ditsy. Basically it is used to insult a pesron who makes a stupid comment or somebody who makes many stupid comments.

Just because she said it(she did?!)that dosen’t mean that you are.
Think like this: If she did, she maybe didn’t actually knew what she was talking about,and she said it just because it’s a…..- common used word? -..
And what bug can be in MSPaint?

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18 Jul 2009, 16:10
For: the Lost World episode
Level rating: 9.1

These levels are good! and valdr… A 3? let’s see if you could do them better!
MY rating i 9 with DR!

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18 Jul 2009, 15:53 (edited 11 Aug 09, 10:25)
For: Missies
Level rating: 7.8

Ummm. Right the review.
I think these 2 levels are more like Lori friendly, not proof.

First the eyecandy is good, there were no tilebugs, I thought that the so called “ghost blocks “ were tilebugs.

Story: The level had no story. Bad thing. Always put a story to your levels,because that makes them interesting.

Tileset use is good, many tiles used this level was more like a maze but it’s good.

Gameplay is nice, you have to find 100 coins (actually 20× 5 coin) and on the way you encounter triggers warps sucker tubes and mostly enemies.

Enemy placement was balanced, but it had a poor type of placement (Lizards Fat Chicks and Tough Turts)
This level is wide and it feels large.

Music is carracteristically for the Town level:

The big problem: No ammo!, some clifs are very dificult to get at even if you are playing with Spaz, no save points(not required) and few carrots.

Level is long,original and it worths playing. It’s fun!
So my rating is 8 with DR!