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Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Another JJ1 conversion pack
Level rating: 9.0

Wow, lotta conversions uploaded this week O.o;. Time for a short review:

Orbitus has a hell of a lot of animations, it doesn’t look THAT hard to use, but I could be wrong. There are even stumps for the carrotus and jungle poles added, yay! Lots of tiles to use, and looks like it can make a promising level. Plus Violet says the pinball and snow will work, and the poles will look weird but work, yay!

Doesn’t look as good as orbitus, but it looks as if everything is included. The animations are OK, some more detail could of been added to the destruct (I like that the numbers look line the ones on my digital clock and vcr. There should of been belts included here (unless those silver animated platforms are suppose to represent belts). The BG doesn’t look that good, and not that much of a color variety. Poles are suppose to work, except for the psych pole, at least thats what violet says.

Lagunicus: I liked this the best mostly because its like the beach tileset except it can get really dark underwater, and that owns. I love this set. Pinball is all suppose to work, brown snow just isn’t right, and the poles are suppose to work (except Psych) but “Some things look weird”. Also, on a side note, good job on the example level =D!!111111!!1 (no I’m not rating the example levels, stups)

Overall I would probably build a level with each of them sometime, especially lagunicus.

Ratings: Orbitus: 9
Lagunicus: 9.7
Megairbase: 8

Overall: 8.9, rounded up to 9. Good Job and download reccomendation, and apologies for the short review (I’ll extend it sometime, seriously, WHY WONT U BELEIVE ME OMG =(!11)

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Posted more than 17 years ago
For: JJ1Ceramicus
Level rating: 8.6

Yay, NOKA’s 2nd conversion. reviews

Tiles included: A lot more than the tiles included in my other ceramicus conversions that I have. Ceramicus has a small amount of tiles, originally, but not in this set. Here NOKA has added more to ceramicus, much more. From a sucky jj1 tileset I would never make a level out of, NOKA has proved how good ceramicus can be. I love the new added stuff, looking at this tileset just makes me see how good tileset conversions can be. I love this conversion. I especially like the “Now approaching ceramicus” sign, and I hope it’ll be in every conversion you make (has something useful in mind with that picture).
Pros: Everything
Cons: None

Color: A fairly large amount of it. Ceramicus doesn’t have much color, but NOKA has added some more different colors to enhance the set. I like the grey bg and the different destruct blocks. I think this tileset lacks blue (either than the spiffy arrows), but I dont mind that much. Color is good enough for me.
Pros: Good color, some new shades added in.
Cons: Ceramicus isn’t one of those very colorful sets.

Masking: I never like reviewing the masking, takes a while =\, but here goes: Seems ok at first, kinda blocky, and the invisible tiles are placed in unexpected places, would help if they’d be a bit more organized, since you don’t really know where they are until you accidentally find some invisible masking ground you accidentally placed in midair or by thoroughly checking the masking of the whole set. Of course there are the mask messages, and its good.
Pros: Masking is ok
Cons: Invisible tiles ‘hidden’.

Animations: Some gold pot looking things which you can blow up, trig blocks, arrows, arrows with diff. bgs, a LOT of destruct blocks (twice as much as diamondus had, if not more), some sparkly bg stuff, and suckers that light up. The sucker animation is a bit choppy, more frames could of possibly been added to make it run more smoother.
Pros: Good enoug, large destruct block variety.
Cons: Sucker choppy, no really big animations (but I dont think ceramicus had any anyways)

Overall: This is definately a great conversion. You could think of it in a positive or negative way. The positive way would be looking at it and thinking “Wow, what a great job this person did converting the set, not only did he take a sucky jj1 set that nobody would ever use and convert it, but he converted it in such a way that it turned out great and people will make levels out of it. The negative way “This person coulda chose a better set to convert because the ceramicus tileset sucks and its impossible to make it good, and pointless to try.” I personally go along with the positive way. Rating: Tiles included: Excellent. Color: Great. Masking: Good. Animations: Great. 9.5 + 8 + 7 + 8 divide by 4 = 8.125, rounded to an 8.2. But considering the fact that this was remade from a not so good jj1 set and made to be a great conversion, I’m adding +.5 marks to this to make it an 8.7. Definite download reccomendation and great job on creating yet another excellent conversion, Noka!


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Posted more than 17 years ago
For: JJ1Diamondus(v1.1!)
Level rating: 9.0

Yay! 1.23 now!!!11

Time for the review:

Firstly, the tileset is now 1.23, though the levels are still TSF made, so they show up completely blank in my jcs. I can still review the tileset like this, but it’d have been better to review the tileset by looking at it and how it is used in the example level. Oh well, I should probably give NOKA more credit for turning it into 1.23 than critisizing the fact that the levels are TSF. Back to the review:

Tiles included: Hmmm..lets see. The pine trees, the weird oval looking trees, the tree trunks with the eyes, tree branches and tree stuff, cave bg, kill rabbit posters, lots of ground and wall, trigger tiles, green high grass, plants, the ground turning into bridge, diff. signs, arrows, mushrooms, statues, sparkles, custom made poles, custom made destruct blocks, hooks and suckers, flashing arrows, foreground gems, backround stuff, the sun and cloud, waterfall stuff, two useable bg’s, jazz jackrabbit figure, mini-turtle, NOKA sign inside a television, NOW APPROACHING DIAMONDUS poster (this looks cool, I like it) and Violet CLM rules, NOKA Sucks sign, and some other stuff I missed. This is the most completest Diamondus tileset I have.
Pros: Everything.
Cons: The waterfall anim coulda been better.

Color: Looks great, the night version looks ok (it could’ove been darker, but its fine the way it is for me) and the tileset is pleasing to look at. Can’t say much more.
Pros: Fairly large color variety, 3 different versions with different colors.
Cons: for some reason I had to narrow my eyes when looking at the evening version, but it could’ove been the lighting in the room, or just my eyes

Masking: Looks ok, some of the ground is masked a bit strangely (particulary the holes in the walls, but then when you think about it they’re masked like that for the better to avoid bugs and getting stuck. I like the fact that the wall the pole is coming out of is fully masked, so you won’t “miss” the pole or accidentally put a pole event on the tile that’s half wall half pole. The devan, text, rabbits stink, jazz and checkmark signs are unmasked. I though that the rabbits stink sign would be masked so you could destroy it (since there are two animations for it, one where its not destroyed, one where it is.) Some mask messages and stuff, well done.
Pros: Good masking, some precautions taken to avoid glitches
Cons: Nothing major.

Animations: Since the rabbit stink sign isn’t an animation in this set: Sparkles, large variety of destruct blocks (yes it is large), trigger blocks, arrows (and there are a lot of them), flashy things in bg, a lot of waterfalls, and stuff. Yes, there are a lot of animations, even most of them are small, the set gets a very high mark in this area.
Pros: lots of animations, destruct block variety
Cons: Most are small

Overall: Looking over the tileset I found it 9.2ish. Color is a plus, animations is a plus, tiles included is a very high plus, but some minor things could of been improved (like the waterfalls). Still great though, the best Diamondus conversion I have.


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Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Tinted Titanium
Level rating: 7.9

Tinted Titanium, by Magoo.

Tile Placement: I found no tile bugs while running through the level, though some parts looked like they were a bit messed up because of the confusing eyecandy and translucent tiles, but after looking closely at them they were alright. This set is easy to compile with, since most of the tiles are metal blocks and they are easy to put together.

Eyecandy: It looks alright at first, but the more I look at it, the more dull the bg gets. True, it IS original, but it just looks..dull. It could be the tileset, it could be me, or it could just be the level. There is some fairly well done foreground eyecandy, though some of it looks a bit strange, like around the red base. This tileset isnt exactly the best for eyecandy, but you could of come up with something more creative. Magoo also says all the layers are used, anf by looking at the level, I can tell that he speaks the truth. Not often are all the layers in a level used, so this is a good sign for the rating I’ll give to this level.

Event Placement: Firstly, bridges in ctf=no. They’re buggy and give divide by zero’s, don’t use them unless you seriously need to. I see some fast feet events, and they’re used for eyecandy as well. There is some ammo, though its a bit sparce, and only one powerup, a blaster. I, personally, enjoy levels with more ammo and powerups than this, but its tolerable. Also, the vine above red base, not all of it has vine events on it. But the vine isn’t important, so that wont affect the rating of the level.

Layout: It seems fairly balanced, the carrots (both +1) are in the middle (one on top with the blaster powerup, one on the bottom). The suckers to the bottom carrot seem fairly equal. The warps to the top carrot seem fairly equal as well, except the spring near the red base which you need to take to the warp is easy to miss when falling down from the base, and going back to jump on it wastes valuable seconds. Other than that, I have no problems with the layout.

Originality: The tileset choice says the level isn’t original, but the level proves otherwise. The backround, though dull when you look at it, is original, and beats the old overused warped backround. The eyecandy also seems fairly original (translucent tiles etc).

Glitches: While playing this online, for some reason a different music suddenly started playing (the original, Grey Void, suddenly turned into the Unreal_pm one or something, and others in the server complained about the level being different. Magoo then said its been cycled to an older version of it somehow. After testing this several times, I am lead to beleive its a rare bug jj2 is causing, so the creator of the level isn’t at fault.) I also got stuck somewhere twice in a row, which lead me to be suspicious. It was on a slant around 90,20. There weren’t one ways there or anything, so it was probably either me or the tileset. One time the lighting didn’t affect me, but that was when the level “was cycled to an older version of it” so I’ll ingore that. And there’s the Divide by zero caused by the bridges bug.

And finally Flow: It seemed fairly good, except some springs got annoying and others were easy to miss. I occasionally bumped into walls, but not often. Flow was good, but some things could of been modified.

Tile Placement: 8.5
Events: 7.7
Layout: 8.5
Originality: 8.3
Glitches: 7.5 (Im kinda suspicious about the level on this part)
Total: 8.0714285, rounded to an 8.

Overall rating is 8, but may be upgraded/downgraded slightly after further testing and confirmation.

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Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Celestial Races
Level rating: 7.7

Well, been a long time since I reviewed a race level, so here goes: The level starts off ok, I don’t like the pit of rejection much, and those trees look ugly. Some fun things in this level, though I don’t like the pinball area much. The music is nicely chosen, though it coulda been renamed so it wont overwrite the original. I hate the backround, its very dull. The rain moves so slow and layer 8 just stands still, its boring. Plus the level is spaz biased, and jazz has difficulty passing the part at pos 45,23.

Overall, this level has bad eyecandy, satisfactory gameplay, good tiling, good music choice, slightly spaz biased in some parts, ammoless, and short. If these things want to make you download this level, than do so. Im rating this a 6.2.

[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Mega Megatropolis (1.23 version)
Level rating: 9.1

Yay, wisey uploaded a 1.23 version of this set! Time to review!

Tiles Included: The variety of tiles included is a LOT. Firstly, there is some muddy looking ground with hills and slopes. It looks great,like some great artist painted it or something. Very detailed. Then comes the spiffy wood part (This was one of my favorite parts when I looked at the picture of Mega Megatropolis TSF) and Im thankful for it being included. After that comes a sewer part, and no big city would be complete without a sewer. Though the green sewer backround reminds me of either a dense marsh or some toxic stuff than a sewer. And no sewer would be complete without sewer water!!!11 Looks nice and green, though not something I would swim in. Then there are some hooks and some stuff which look like stackable blocks. After that there are some trees, which also add more fun to this set. Then, there is even more! Some nicely textured and drawn red bricks, which as shown in the example level, can make a spiffy, old looking house. Then come some paved roads. I dont like them as much as the ground or the sewer, but then again I’m not really a fan of roads. Some white building tiles come after that and they look hard as hell to use. There are some extra eyecandy things like rocks and plants to place on the muddy ground, some extra building eyecandy, some Blade signs, poles, suckers, rain, destruct blocks, manhole covers, signs, windows, the extra layer vines, and the backround layer eyecandy, and the backround.
Pros: So many different tiles=so many different things can be made with this. Either a city, a country side, a house, sewer etc etc. This is a set which won’t get boring to use.
Cons: Sadly, 1020 tiles means there is room for only 3 animations, which kinda sucks.
Rating: 9.2

Animations: Yes, there are some animatinos included here, like the manhole covers and the destruct blocks, but there is only room for 3 of them. I also kinda dont like the fact that the manhole cover animation, if you chose to use it, takes up the space of two animation tiles, so if you use it you’ll only have room for one more animation. The animations look nicely drawn and fit into the set, though.
Pros: Well drawn and made animations
Cons: Stupid 1.23 tile limit.
Rating: 7.5

Color: If I could use one word to describe this, I would say pwnage. The color here is just plain awesome, ranging from the red house blocks to the green sewers. It’s just nice to look at. The BG in the night version rocks, I love looking at it. Can’t say there is a large color variety in the pink version though, since everything is just pink =P (though looking at it for some time hurts your eyes a bit due to the extreme pinkness of this pinkish pink version).
Pros: Spiffy colors, large variety.
Cons: The pink version kinda hurts your eyes.
Rating: 9

Userfriendly: Some parts look easy to use, like the country side and the trees, but others like the city parts might take you a long while to understand.
Pros: Some parts look friendly.
Cons: Others dont.
Rating: 8

Masking: Its ok, I didn’t expect the leaves to be solid though, since solid leaves O.o, and I didnt expect some other stuff to be masked as well. Its fun reading the mask messages, though.
Pros: Overall nice masking
Cons: Some unexpected stuff which look unmasked but are really masked.
Rating: 8.7

Overall (not an average): I just love this tileset, despite some of the drawbacks (like the 1.23 tile limit and the evil user-unfriendly parts), and I’d probably make several levels out of this when I get the time.
Pros: A great set by wisey which everyone should use.
Cons: Un-userfriendly in some parts, 1.23 tile limit which makes there be room for only 3 animations, and possibly some other small things.
Rating: 8.5

+0.3 for the fact that there are 3 different versions
+0.1 since I love the night BG.
Final rating:8.8833333, which I’ll round up to a 9.

Download reccomendation? Look at the rating and tell me what you think.

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Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Winter Thunderland
Level rating: 7.6

I rarely rate musics, since its hard (at least for me) to review them, and even harder to give a long, descriptive review on them (at least for me). This I had to make an exception to because I loved this song.

The song starts out with a christmasy tubelectric like beat, then some new notes keep getting added in. The beat is pretty repetetive, although thats how the tubelectric song is, and the fact that new notes keep being added in kinda distracts you from that. It sounds pretty winterlike , not like any xmas song, and its unique as well (I havent heard any song or remix like this). Plus its fun to listen to. As for the remix quality, I can easily tell what parts are which in the original song here, since the beats sound the same except more wintery. 7.7 is final rating.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Some CTF level.
Level rating: 8.1

Heh, turns out you’re right DX. My fault for being in a rush to upload this and not even have a second thought about if the tileset Im putting inthe zip file is right. Well, at least now you have an extra tileset. Enjoy.

bangs head on wall for stupidity

And thnx to all the reviews, I enjoyed reading them.
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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Hotel Deluxe
Level rating: 8.8

I LOVE THIS TILESET. Firstly, I just love the detail. Those red carpet rolls on the stairs, the TV where jazz runs through a castle level, the penguins etc. This is just great. Now, the coloring, it couln’t have suprised me more. First thing that really caught my attention was the roofs. They look like the ones from Hotel Dream, but they are a nice shade of green and they are just good to look at. The brick tiles look so textured and detailed, its just awesome. Though I already mentioned it, the stairs are nicely done. There are also some backround bricks added in and some spiffular doors. There is also some nice creamy white backround tiles which are just great to look at. There are also green and white bg brick tiles which remind me from the blue and white ones from hotel Dream. The stairs, ground tiles and stuff are redone twice with those two backrounds persisting behind them. There is also a cool fireplace (The flames look cartoony and well done as well btw) and the green roof tiles which I already discussed. Just like in every good hotel tileset, there are letters and numbers, done twice (one with wood behind and one without). There are golden elevators and pipes (which again remind me of the green elevators and grey pipes in Hotel Dream) and then come the furniture and extra stuff. There are a whole bunch of little penguins doing various things. They look so miniature and cool that I can’t resist keeping them out of any future levels of mine made with this set, no mattter the gametype. Let me just say that there is a good variety in the furniture, and the coloring of it is great. The furniture is redone twice more with the creamy white and green white backrounds. Then comes the MIRROW BABE =)))) and some palette tiles, the layer 8 backround, and a wodden board that says Mirrow, Dis(h)guise and Hotel Heroes. There is also small pools of water of which the coloring looks good, and they fit into the set well.By looking at this set carefully, I can tell that there will be many hotel levels made with this. The masking of the solid tiles is good, the masking of the invisible tiles ok (there is a larger variety of invisible tiles here). The furniture isn’t masked (though some of it shoulda been..).

Overall, this tileset looks like a re-colored improved version of Hotel dream, with some tiles from Mirrow’s kingdom (as someone probably mentioned this before me), except with some new tiles added. This looks great, you’ll be missing out on a LOT if you dont download this now. This definately gets a download reccomendation from me and a nice 8.7 from me.

Edit: Argh, after making some levels with this I found out it only has room for 13 animations. Therefore you cant possibly make a good trigger filled hotel and stuff. <(. This results in -.7 points downgradign the rating to an 8. [This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Frozen Cave
Level rating: 8.1

A general comment about this level: I LOVE IT!

At first, the name implied that it was just going to be about a frozen cave presumably using a new tileset or something. After I dled it since it didnt have a tileset in the file it had to be frozen inferno. When I started the level, I was just shocked. The ambient lighting together with the eyecandy (which was also very well done) made the level look ruxor. The layout of this level was a bit crowded, didnt really have much room but I dont mind that. It was mostly just going one way but had some other routes leading to some pickups. There could of been more passages since that could’ve made the level funner to play. Near half way into the level it developed a small storyline (basically youre in a cave,see these alein eggs and need to blow them up). There are so many movies with these kinds of alien eggs that I can’t even begin to guess which one of them gave MB this idea. There were some nice secrets in the layout and stuff, which made the level a bit more interesting. Though, I thought the eggs would hatch into crab’s or something else, but Floating suckers are a great idea. The ending of the level was fabolous, btw. Where you had to place TNT next to a wall and see all these explosions. I love the rumbling, btw. And the falling rocks and all. Though its nearly impossible to get hurt near the end. The music fit ok, could of been a better one, but could of been a lot worse. Overally this level is quite small and crowded yet looks amazing and is fun to play. This feels 8ish, better yet 8.2ish. This is basically an original inferno level. Despite the size of it, it is still very fun and original, and you should download it since it is a good collection to your jj2 folder, and would help on those rainy days. Download Reccomendation. (I need to review more)

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Crypt
Level rating: 8.4

Interesting. The tileset is very nice looking, but has some things which downgrade the rating a bit. The textureness is good in some tiles and ok in others. Generally its good. The color, it reminds me of a crypt, but there is a small variety in the color here, and most of it is dark which makes it a bit hard to see >(. There aree poles (ripped), text signs, vines, some additional eyecandy stuff like skeletons and gravestones, some CTF signs (blue base, red base and some arrows), I can’t find destruct blocks, but im probably just blind. Most of it looks real, but the tileset is lacking animations and some other tiles which would go really good here (like bloody spikes and more crypt stuff, maybe even a mummy). I don’t feel like typing out a long review, so I’ll just summarize the tileset in a few words: Realistic and wel-textured, but lacks more tiles and could be easily improved. If this was a little better, I’d give this an 8, but 7.7 for now. Download reccomendation and stuff.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Chocolate Chips
Level rating: 8.3

Hmm…interesting. When I saw the tileset it was more cave themed than chocolate chip themed, but it was good. I like the vine and hook events, they looked cool. The ground looked ok, but like I said before, looks more like a cave. The techno platforms look interesting but I don’t know where they fit in all of this. The destruct blocks look like chocolate chips, though. The backround looks a bit plain, and caveish. Tileset isn’t as userfriendly as you think, when I viewed it in JCS I was like “Woah, what the heck!”. But you’ll get used to this sooner or later. I really like those little tunnels and the lamps, they look cool.

Bah, sux. I don’t have time to finish this, so rating and stuff will come later. K, time to continue with my old sux review. The masking seemed ok to me when I looked through the tileset, and when I played the example level made from it. The holes look a bit small, but you can get through them. An interesting, original tileset, but not my favorite from Toxic Bunny. Still a good addition to any jj2 player’s folder. This feels 8ish, so that’s what I’ll give it. Sorry for the undecent review btw. >( runs off to avoid being hit by heavy objects[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Future
Level rating: 8.4

Hmm..future, interesting name. Judging from the rating I expected a bit more from this tileset, because I had a high expectation for it due to its current rating and most of the reviews. The first appearance of the tileset did’nt shock me or suprise me, nor did it meet up to my expectations (which where a bit too high), but it was decent.

Tiles Included/Tileset theme: The theme is basically what biggles thinks that the future will someday be like. It isn’t as technological as I thought, but it still looks a bit like the future. The most common ground tiles are purple/orange (depends on what version of the tileset you are looking at) striped tiles. There are a bunch of eyecandy tiles made to be used with the purple/orange ground, and this satisfies me enough. There are also some metal pipes you can walk on. I didn’t like them too much since they are a bit plain, but you can probably make something creative out of them. There are also green/dark yellow platform tiles (color depends on what version you are looking at) which can be used for ground as well. There are also dotted lines which are suppose to be used along with those platform tiles if you are planning to use triggers with them or stuff. There are a bunch of fungi (sp?) which makes me wonder what they are doing in a futuristic tileset, but they can be used for detail and stuff, and I don’t mind them much. There are some layer 5 tiles and round windows and stuff. The main tiles, most of them are there. There is a huge variety of colorfull destruct blocks, and weapon based ones as well. Some wall spikes, ceiling spikes, ground spikes, spikes on metal pipes etc etc. There are poles (both Horizontal and vertical). Some spiffy backround eyecandy like these fungi things and spaceships, a bunch of metal bars used for eyecandy and can be used in many good ways. Some stars and animated tiles, and a bunch of ripped Devan, lori, spaz and jazz tiles.
Pros: Has a lot of tiles and can produce quality levels.
Cons: I miss some tiles like hooks and sucker tubes, and some tiles could of been drawn better and have more detail.
Rating: 8.2

Color: There isn’t too much color here like in some other tilesets I’ve seen. Most of the color found in this tileset is purple (or orange if youre looking at future dawn) and grey. There is somewhat of a variety in color, but not a variety as great as in some other tilesets like Sirius or Spacey Universe, and doesn’t look to good when you compare this to some other good colorful tilesets. Nonetheless it does have a variety in color and the color here is decent compared to some other, worser tilesets.
Pros: Has a lot of color, looks good compared to some less colorful tilesets.
Cons: could have more color, looks bland compared to some other tilesets.

Masking: The masking here is decent enough. I was surprised that the fungi was masked because it could lead to some unwanted annoyances, and the masking isn’t to complicated here or anything. Though I dislike the masking of the green ‘poisonous’ aliens a bit since the ones on the window tend to have a larger mask then the ones on the ground, which barely have a mask. But I don’t really mind that. Plus I expected the green big hand to have a mask since it would be cool if you could fall onto it and stuff.
Pros: Basic masking
Cons: Could be a bit better
Rating: 7.5

Animations: A whole array of colorful destruct blocks, and animating belt, some radar thing and some kind of small explosion. Some other technological thing which looks like one of those things at the hospital that moderate your heartbeat or whatever, and some other small animations. The animations are decent, but their quantity is low and they could of been better (since most of them are smal and don’t look like they would be used a lot).
Pros: Has animations, I like the belt.
Cons: Could’ove been more, could’ove been better.
Rating: 7.5

Ease of use/userfriendliness: Easy enough to use. I had some questions about how to use this tileset, and would of given it a much lower rating in this category if there weren’t those two example levels to aid me in how to use the tileset. still not the easiest to use, but good enough.
Pros: People can understand it.
Cons: Not that easy (would of been much harder if not for the example levels.
Rating: 7.7

Overall (not an average): I kinda like this tileset, when I look at it I can imagine myself building some spiffular levels out of this. It has the basic tiles required, and looks ok. The example level explains how to use the tileset, and I think I’ll make some levels out of this, or its Dawn version, in the future. Good Job Biggle, hope to see more tilesets from you!
Pros: Good, well done tileset.
Cons: Not as good as some others.
Rating: 8.2

Final rating: 7.716667 (or something similar) rounded to a decent 7.7. But I’ll be nice enough to add +3 since you took the time to make a dawn version, made 2 spiffy example levels, and found 2 great fitting musics. Overall rating is a solid 8 and a download reccomendation as well as a pat on the shoulder for constructing a great tileset and deciding to upload this here.

Final comments: No review it ever complete without these:
Whee argh
Yay this sucks


Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Jazz Unleashed Demo
Level rating: N/A

Lab, just rate it like a normal SP pack.

A conversation I had with myself:
“Labrat must be crazy, this pack wont probably be THAT good.” “But I promised Blur I would do a long review at it anyways. Oh look, 5:00 EST, the pack should be uploaded now.” “What the heck? A demo!? There goes my review” “Might as well download it and play it”
A couple of minutes later…. “OMG HOLY **** THIS IS ******* AMAZING! Im definately going to review this!” ————————————————————
Well, the review will start now. I’ll probably edit it a few times and fix0r things up.

Teh intro: An intro. One wouldn’t expect too much from that. Well this intro is different. 3Dish pwnage effects, this looks more like an intro for a 3D game or stuff, just plain great. Probably the best intro I’ve seen.
Pros: Just plain amazing.
Cons: A bit short..
Rating: I don’t usually rate intro’s, but looks like a lot of work was put in the tileset, so have fun with your 9.5 (-.5 for teh shortness.

Level 1: Green vine forest
This was the level that changed my perspective towards the pack. I was expecting a basic normal level, but this is beyond that. This level just plain shocked me, and I haven’t been this surprised for a very, very long time.

Eyecandy: The BG is great, I like the color it fades to. It makes it look more real. I also like the BG eyecandy. Instead of those overused trees, there is something new. Not the first time I’ve seen this, but its still great. The backround and foreground ground (that sounds strange O.o) makes a nice effect, reminds me of another game I’ve played, dont know which though. Its quite original and looks spiffy. The eyecandy is just plain amazing.
Pros: Amazing, original.
Cons: None come to mind that affect the rating by more than .2 points.
Rating: 9.6

Layout/Design of level and stuff: The level idea is quite original. Near the beginning I saw a pit, and decided to fall in for the sake of curiousity to see what was in it. I thought it would be a hurt event of some sort, but this pack has proven me wrong once again. I was warped to a black place and died. I lost a life. I didnt expect losing a life since I thought this was the CTF dying thing I’ve seen many times. Though I did lose a life when I fell, I liked it. Added more action. Instead of just avoiding enemies, hurt events and traps, I had to avoid falling as well. Bloody genious idea. The level went along fine, I didnt like some parts because they were a bit too low near the fall warp, but i liked this level a lot.
Pros: Good Design, Great concept, and fun.
Cons: Some minor ones
Rating: 9.8

Placement of goodies/springs/stuff:
A bit scarce, but the level’s idea somehow made those seem unimportant. I don’t recall seeing any food at all in the level, and ammo was scarce. I didnt see any coins either. But the concept and layout and eyecandy just took my mind of those things completely.
Pros: There is ammo conveniently placed.
Cons: Sparce and no food or stuff, but then again they aren’t really needed.
Rating: 9

Music: Sounds good and fits.

Originality: what more to say, this level is original in many ways.
Pros: Original in many ways
cons: Nope
Rating: 9.8

Final rating for level: im just going to rate this 9.6 because that fits it for me.

Level 2: Devan Express
Probably the first train level I’ve seen, good idea, good level. Blur wasn’t kidding in that server when he said the second level is near impossible. I even had to cheat a few times to beat it or I might have not gotten this review done anytime soon.

Eyecandy: Didn’t shock me as much as the previous level, but still definately above average. BG eyecandy wasn’t too original, seen it before. But its acceptable. the layer 1 partially covered in Black tiles to narrow the vision down, and I found that it is better this way for me.
Pros: Good basic eyecandy
Cons: Didnt surprise me as much
Rating: 9.4

Layout/other stuff I’m too lazy to type:
Just like the previous level, original and brilliant. Train idea was **** great, and the way blur did it was even better. It was quite difficult, and it was annoying when I accidentally shot down a coin >(. The hurt events at the top where evil, and the falling/dying/loosing a life thing was even more fiendish in this level and added to the difficulty in a severe way.
Pros: Original and great
Cons: A bit difficult.
Rating: 9.5

Eventing and stuff (aka Placement or whatever you fiends call it): Wasnt much ammo, there was coins but they were sparce and where needed for the main idea of the level. Didnt see any food, and I predict there wont be any in the pack. I like the destructable scenery and stuff.
Pros: Basically good.
Cons: Sparce.
Rating: 9.6

Music: Fits the situation.

Originality: Top marks for this again.
Pros: Very original.
Cons: Not as original as the previous level.
Rating: 9.5

Final rating: 9.5

Level 3: A rocky Ride to nowhere
firstly, I thought what the heck? I pushed the rock of the ledge gently and it flew….Wow, first time I’ve seen rocks fly. After several game overs I’ve beaten the level. Harder than the previous. But I loved it. This isn’t one of those levels you beat in 1 try and never play again. You’ll have to play this many times to finally beat it. Just Darn fun.

Eyecandy: BG pwns, BG eyecandy pwns, great basic eyecandy.
Pros: good eyecandy.
Cons: Not that amazing
Rating: 9.5 (my fingers are getting tired >()

Concept/layout/level design: The most original and best I’ve seen so far. Flying rocks=idea of the year. Though it was annoying when they suddenly fall from the sky and take you along for the ride, the idea still pwned and was great. Plus the level design was fun, and hard as heck.
Pros: I love this level.
Cons: None, difficulty made it more fun.
Rating: 10 (yes, you heard me right, I’d give this a 20 if I have to)

Eventing: Sparce ammo, but I dont mind that too much. Food wasnt there but not really needed. Coins could of been added for a coin warp near the end to give you bonus powerups or stuff. Enemies where chosen nicely but the dragonfly was censored annoying when it would hit you off the rock >(.
Pros: good eventing
Cons: somethings are sparce and others annoying.
Rating: 9.3

Music: Pwnage.

Originality: More pwnage.
Pros: Pwnage
Cons: insert blankness here
Rating: 10 (fun)

Level rating: I’d give this 9.8, no matter how innacurate it is from the technical rating(which I’ll add to all the levels late) but I think it fits.

Flames of Fury:
Interesting level. I started with a sugar rush (food, finally!) and I didnt know what the rush was for. I used it to kill the few enemies I found, which was strange..Why place so few enemies with a sugar rush? Then when I got to the frog part I found out…

Eyecandy: Good enough for me. (Sry for teh shortness, I’ll edit the review later).
Pros: Basic eyecandy
Cons: Could of been better
Rating: 8.2

Concept/Level Design/Layout: You start off with a sugar rush, at first it seems strange but then it comes together. You have to make it to the frog part with the sugar rush still going to destroy the stomp blocks. At first i found it extremely hard, but then I quickly got better at it and did it. Be sure to grab some EB’s along the way to get the safe points, or you will regret it. Then the eyecandy gets better and confusing, which was blurs intention I’ll bet. You have to avoid a ton of bats and demons evily placed. then you fall with a bunch of rocks and have to destroy a block in time or get hit. After that and some you turn into a frog and do some “pumkin hoppin’” With some evilbats. The puzzle is also very evil btw. Would of been nice ifthere was a save point there. This is also the puzzle which I couldn’t solve, until CelL or somebody told me how to. It was a genius idea, and I regret asking for help on it since trying to solve it would’ove been much more fun. Then there was some other original stuff, and I didn’t quite like that sucker tube thing where it jutted(sp?) you into the wall where you had to helicopter ear or double jump to reach the platform, since unless you have a really good reaction you wont make it to the platform the first time, and the boss is quite hard, you should of added a carrot or something since there is a good chance you’ll be low on health when you make it to him.
Pros: Some original stuff.
Cons: Quite hard, not as good as the other levels.
Rating: 8.7

Eventing: I would of liked a full energy somewhere, or possibly a save point before the boss/before the puzzle (instead of the one after the puzzle). Some nice sucker tube stuff and other original eventing, and it was generally OK.
Pros: Some original stuff, generally good.
Cons: Some minor annoyances and lack of things like full energy’s and +1 carrots.
Rating: 8.9

Music: Fits, but a little boring.

Originality: Good and original, but doesn’t meet up to the standards the other levels set. Compared to other levels this would stand out more, but this isn’t the most original level in the pack.
Pros: Original
Cons: Doesn’t meet up to the standards of the other levels.
Rating: 9.

Level Rating (Not the technical one): I dont like this as much as the other levels, partially because it isnt original enough, partially because I think of the tileset (or how its been used at least) to be boring, since the layer 5 is always the same color, except for the several lava flows. The tileset itself is mostly made up of similar color shades. Only a few parts enlightened me, the pumkin part for example, where that ugly dark reddish backround is not found in.
Pros: Has some original stuff, challenging, has some surprising stuff.
Cons: Some parts where a bit dull (no offence intended) and I didn’t like the repetitive color (mostly fault of the tileset).

Level 5: Astroid City.
Gah, when I save in this level it gives me a memory error trying to load. That sux, since this is the hardest level of all. >((((((((((((((((((

Eyecandy: Most of the bg is black, but there are some other eyecandy things, but most of it…black. At least its better than the red BG (I find black to be a better color than red). And the tileset is limiting when it comes to backround eyecandy. There are some interesting eyecandy like the way the ground was designed etc. Has some eyecandy, and none of it annoys me much.
Pros: The eyecandy is calming, and its ok considering the limits of this tileset. And there are some interesting and cool things done with the eyecandy.
Cons: Not the best eyecandy seen in the pack.
Rating: 9.2

Concept/Layout: Not that much new things. This level was near impossible though, at least in my point of view it is. I couldnt even get up to the save point in all my attempts. Plus I couldnt save here which SUXED >((((((((((. I couldnt even get past the freeze-sucker tube thing. This is probably the only level in the pack where I think dying when you fall is cheap. Would of been nice if there were some things to make up for the memory bug when you save, and getting game overs every 10 minutes doesn’t make me feel any better or make me add more to the pack rating. Since I can’t beat this yet, I’m not going to fully rate it until I do, since there may be some stuff further in my level which may drastically affect my rating for it. Plus I think I there should be some kind of safety net in this level when in easy mode, due to the extreme difficulty of this level.
Pros so far: It’s original.
Cons so far: Hard as hell.
Rating: N/A at this point.

Eventing: So far, I would like there to be more carrots, or more ammo at least. I didnt see any food so far, and as far as I can tell the coins are suppose to be used for something. I dislike the placement of a certain floating sucker at pos 255,186, since you tend to bump into it frequently when you bounce on the red spring.
Pros so far: The enemies are nicely chosen, somethings are interesting.
Cons: Some enemies placed in spots where they are hellishly annoying, lack of carrots and ammo and stuff. Somethings are severely difficult (like that freeze thing, since I guarantee it would take you several game overs to figure out how you do it, IF you figure out how to do it). I would of liked some more stuff to be in easy mode since it isn’t easy in easy mode, despite the fact that its called easy mode.
Rating: N/A at this point.

Music: Fits well and sounds good. Good Job on picking it.

Originality: Some original tricks used, but it just didn’t shock me like level 1 and 3 (and sort of 2) did.
Pros: Has original things.
Cons: Barely meets up to the standards of the other levels (mind you I am only saying this of what I seen so far, some further testing this level and hopefully getting to further parts of it may inflict drastically to my rating, for the better or worse.

Level rating: N/A at this point.

Some final comments/rants on this pack:
Firstly, this pack is probably the most original that I’ve seen so far. Goes all the way from trains to flying rocks, and beyond. Though I found the “dying if you fall” thing to be cheap in some levels (mainly the final level). Also, I dont like not being able to save in the 5th level, since the 5th level’s difficulty exceeds even Derby’s edit count. I think this level lacks more ammo and more food, and I would of liked it if you could of started off with at least 50 lives instead of 30 since getting game overs every 50 seconds is darn annoying. Nonetheless, the pack is marvelous work, too bad you cant rate Demo’s >(. I can’t wait till the final version, and I hope to finally finish this review before it comes out.

Review version 1.1 (incompleted, un-spellchecked and stuff).

Review Version 1.2 (after probably over a year of forgetting about this, I return to finish it!)

Astroid city:

Concept/Layout: Other then what I mentioned above, this level seems to have the most obstacles, and the most original obstacles, of all the other levels. And its also so **** big. The obstacles in this are also generally impossible. Even if you beat one obstacle, before you know it, you get game over to another one. Plus, like I mentioned above, you cant save. I STRONGLY STRONGLY advise you find a way to fix it, or at least arm the player with 97 lives when they begin this, otherwise I don’t see how you would expect someone to beat this without cheats.
Pros so far: Most original ideas, lots of them, long level.
Cons: Generally impossible, saving doesnt work, more lives needed.
Rating: 8.2

Eventing rating: 8.5 (Mostly because easy mode isn’t “easy”, more 1ups needed, maybe some other stuff).

Originality rating: 9.7. Concept/Layout and stuff where really original, eyecandy was fairly original, ideas and stuff etc etc.

Level rating (not the technical one): I really like this level, the ideas in it, the music, the eyecandy etc. Its just so darned hard. I would really find it better if you could have more lives when playing this, or at least be able to save, because getting game overs is annoying and subtracts from the fun of this. Otherwise, for now, I can’t really give it too high because of that =\.
Rating: 8.7

Final comments on the pack v2!: Other then what I mentioned in the above comments about this pack: Firstly, I like how the levels’ difficulty gets harder and harder as you progress levels (e.g, Green Vine forest was fairly easy, the train level was hard but possible, rocky ride to nowhere took a few days to beat, was nearly impossible to beat the inferno level but one day I magically did it, and I still cant beat the Astroid city level). Very original, very fun, and at times, very annoying. Still, probably my favorite SP pack, and I hope the final version (not the demo >((() of it comes out soon. Then, I’d happily rate this 9.7 or 10 or 20 if I could.

Now, finally, or something. The rating time:

Eyecandy: 9.6
Layout/Concept/Level Design: 9.8
Placement of Stuff/Eventing: 9
Originality: 9.8
Technical Overall Rating: 9.55 = 9.5
My Rating: 9.6
Final Overall Rating (My Rating + Overall Rating /2): 9.575 = 9.5.

Eyecandy: 9.4
Layout/Concept/Level Design: 9.5
Placement of Stuff/Eventing: 9.6
Originality: 9.5
Technical Overall Rating: 9.5
My rating: 9.5
Final Overall Rating: 9.5

Eyecandy: 9.5
Layout/Concept/Level Design: 10
Placement of Stuff/Eventing: 9.3
Originality: 10
Technical Overall Rating: 9.7
My rating: 9.8
Final Overall Rating: 9.75 = 9.7

Flames of Fury:
Eyecandy: 8.2
Layout/Concept/Level Design: 8.7
Placement of Stuff/Eventing: 8.9
Originality: 9
Technical Overall Rating: 8.7
My rating: 8.5
Final Overall Rating: 8.6 = 8.7

Astroid City:
Eyecandy: 9.2
Layout/Concept/Level Design: 8.2
Placement of stuff/Eventing: 8.5
Originality: 9.7
Technical Overall Rating: 8.9
My Rating: 8.7
Final Overall Rating: 8.8 = 8.7.


MUSIC: 9.5
INTRO: 9.5
FINAL RATING OF THE PACK: 9.3, > 9.2 (+.3 because it rocks so much =D) = 9.5

Too bad this is a demo and you can’t rate them, but I really look forward to playing the full version and hope it gets done soon. You did a magnificent job on this pack and it is in my top 10 SP favorite packs, if not the first. Definite, definite, download reccomendation.

~Blackraptor. (Review version 1.2 finished July 3 2004)

Edit: Took a bit to get the bold tag working right. Stupid misleading view info D=.

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Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Fort2 a JTF bugs fixd
Level rating: 5.6

Another JTF level, using the same tileset as the past one etc.

Eyecandy/Tile placing: Either none or very buggy. Many tiles are placed wrong and look really ugly especially around 91,47. Layer 3 is used poorly as well.
Pros: The Backround layers (6-8) don’t look THAT bad.
Cons: Layer 3 used poorly, tiles dont fit, bad placing of some tiles, turrets don’t work too good and look ugly etc etc.
Rating: 4

Triggers and classes: Firstly, there are 3 classes. Flag runner, field rooster and Base defender. None of these start off with powerups (except base defender who gets a freezer powerup….). The text describing what each class does has a few spelling mistakes, but since I’m not sure if the author is english or not, and may not speak english well, I’ll ignore this little detail. Only one of the 3 classes can get the flag, and that’s boring. The rest have very limited area that they can acess.
Pros: There are classes
Cons: Poorly done.

Layout: Layout isn’t too good. Crowded in some places, looks strange and messy in others. Turrets placed in bad places. Flow is evil.
pros: Has a layout and could’ove been worse.
Cons: Buggy, messy, and evil.

Gameplay: I don’t like it too much. In some places its ok and even a bit smooth, but in others its just bad. Tiles arent onewayed when needed, you crash into things. I especially disliked the underwater part since it was just straight and plain. But at least some parts are OK
Pros: Some parts are acceptable
Cons: Some parts just arent.

OVERALL (not an average): I would rate this lower, but it is ok for your first levels. I doubt you figured out how to do the triggering yourself though, but the level is ok. I wouldn’t host it or play it often though.
Pros: Ok.
Cons: Not good enough for me to host or play often.

Final rating: 5.2, +2 marks since I’ve seen many worser first levels (namely mine =P)

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Neons JTF
Level rating: 7.5

Firstly, it isnt my concept. Secondly, I am not too happy that my levels was ripped off. It forces me to beleive that I can’t host any level before releasing it without having the fear of it being copied and remade. >(

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Jungle Explanatory (Good idea too take a look at...)
Level rating: 5.1

I personally disagree with your protest. People can make as much tilesets as they want, its a free world. And there are many tilesets which are quite old and still popular, like agama’s. If it’s anything, I think there are too many single levels uploaded to this. Think about it, 300 tilesets, 2200 levels. 2200>300. plus most of the tilesets are quite original. I haven’t seen any heaven tilesets except agamas. I haven’t seen any swamp/jungle tilesets like swamps, I haven’t seen any castle tilesets that are like Corrupted Sanctuary. Mind you, having plenty tilesets is good. If you want to make a level taking place in a jungle, there are plenty tilesets that are jungle based to choose from. If there was only one tileset for each main theme, it would be very boring, because levels would be too similar.

In my opinion, if you couldn’t make tilesets in jj2, jj2 would be long dead. About 80/100 levels made are using custom tilesets. Without custom tilesets, there wouldn’t be as much levels, meaning people would have less levels to play and host, meaning what I said before, Jazz won’t be as popular and probably dead. And finally, posting this in jcf would of been much better than just quickly making a level, and only posting it so you can type in a bunch of letters descibing your opinion in the wrong place. Review for the level will come later.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Project Fog
Level rating: N/A

Well, hearing this project first in the JCF, I must say I was surprised, but I didn’t expect anything near as good as this. N0 has demonstrated what the fog can do in multiple ways. He has shown us what things you can do with fog (a lot of them where very spiffy btw) and he shown it in a nice way. One of my favorite things were the tunnels, and the “Beam me up scotty”(lol) part, since it looked similar to a tornado, which would be interesting in some levels. N0 has shown us what different things Fog can do if used properly, and by seeing his demonstration I am tempted to put in fog into some of my levels. The purpose of this project has definately been acheived, and well. In Conclusion, Good Job, though I’m going to give it N/A for now.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: JJ2 Players Word Search (do NOT rate)
Level rating: N/A

I’m included as well =)))))))))))))))))

Anyways, a word search, good for when you’re bored or have nothing else to do. Looks well made and I’ve tried it and it’s possible. Should be fun on those rainy boring days, so I’d reccomend people to download this. Apologies for the short review, but making a good review on a word search isn’t that easy ;P

Oh and btw, I wouldn’t reccomend havign clan names in word searches since they only have 2 or 3 letters and you can find them everywhere in the word search (I found Si 2 times accidentally without even trying). Though it is appreciative for you to include them, I reccomend including longer words instead.[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Seeker Hole Fix
Level rating: 9.4

Yet another program from Eagle. This one, in my opinion, is more effective. Commonly in duels I find seeker holes almost everywhere. They just pop up, and sometimes in the most devious places. Several times in duels I found myself shooting seekers at my enemy, but instead of homing in on the opposite team player, they home in on a seeker hole, which is extremely annoying for me. The layout of this program resembles the one of the previous program “Project Gamma”. It has the activation button, the refresh button and the hide to systray button. It also has a nice picture of the hatter enemy. The layout is very simple, you don’t find yourself being confused about which button to press or what to do. The program is reasonably small so it probably won’t cause a disturbance by covering up your whole screen. This is a definite download for anyone, since seeker holes tend to be quite common and pose a great nuisance. No CTF player should duel in a seeker infested level with this program not turned on. This is a must download for everyone, and I’m surprised this wasn’t made before. My verdict is that this is a very effective program and is guaranteed to help in CTF duels to make them as fun as possible. It does what it is suppose to, so it deserves the 9.5 im giving it. Amazing work, I can’t wait to see what program idea you will come up with next, Eagle!

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