Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Chromosphere
Level rating: 8.4

Wow, I didn’t rate this?

Anyways, I’ve played this frequently and it’s about time I rate this. Don’t expect a long, usual review from me, I’ll just make this quick.

Layout is interesting, one base on the top right and the other bottom left. I got around the same times (more or less) going from base to base, so it seems alright. Flow is smooth and good. Eyecandy is just amazingly done. CelL has taken the time to make the blocks in the wall form interesting patterns and look nice and detailed. The backround is also more or less well done. Eyecandy is definately a pro. Bouncer powerup at pos 56,56, RF powerup at 3,6 (next to the full nrg), and a seeker powerup at around 45,30. The seeker can be accessed by EB’s or by an evily hidden warp which took forever to find. RF takes about the same time to reach from each base (so does the full energy), Bouncer is closer to red, seeker is closer to blue, but harder to find. If you’re new at this level, the powerup placement may seem a bit biased. But once you learn it its fine. I found no problems with the ammo, and it was nicely scattered. A small nuisance, 3,49 could’ve had a floatup or higher ramp so I wouldn’t bump into the wall and instead go into the sucker. Speaking of sucker tubes, the ones in this level (although they added a nice effect) weren’t really too useful, and chances are you would only go into them if you knew they were there, since most of them have springs in the way. The suckers could’ve been placed a bit better, but they’re alright. Music is chosen decentely, fits the theme and has a good tune.

Final Rating: Probably 8.5 or around there. Decent level, and keep up the rux work =)))).

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Townsville ][ Evening
Level rating: 7.9

..Didn’t BlurredD also request for the Night version?

As for the set, I like it. The bricks have a nice brownish orangish color which is pleasing for me to look at, the ground doesn’t look too different, but it has a nice eveningish color to it. Pretty much everything looks nice and textured, and has a nice atmosphere. I can’t really say much more since this isn’t really a new tileset (just a palette edited version). Still, I like the atmosphere of this tileset, and I’ll probably build something with it when I can. Also, though this doesn’t affect my rating of this in any way, I like the music that came in the zip with this set, it’s a nice, good sounding music that fits the theme, and might save me the trouble of looking for another one when I make a level with this set. Overall, I just seem to really like this version. Maybe it’s because I’m in a good mood. Oh well, 8.2 and a download reccomendation.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Godaikoku Part 1
Level rating: 8.3

Ok, time to begin my second review of today. Whee argh.

Saving the Sheep: The story of this level is nothing too complicated, the farmer’s sheep have ran away and he wants you to find them. The level itself isn’t too bad nor is it too good. It could’ve used a lot more eyecandy, and some things like the pillars at 46, 31 could’ve been in layer 3 or so. The backround looks sort of boring, no auto-scroll and no bg eyecandy. Some things in the tileset look like they didnt tile much, and this level could’ve used layer 3 to make things look more realistic and better. I didn’t like the music too much at first but then I found that it fit the level pretty well imo.

Santa’s Stolen Hats: The storyline is similar to that of the previous level, someone asks you to get back something they’ve lost/been stolen. In this case, Santa has lost his “kinky” hats and wants you to find them and save christmas. The story doesn’t really relate to that of the previous level, but it’s probably not suppose to. The backround eyecandy is better in this level, there is some mountains and christmas trees aside from the red backround, but the higher you go in the level the more empty the backround seems. The eyecandy was a lot better in this level. I didn’t really like that area with the bridges since the bridges seemed a bit out of place (especially the floating vine bridge, why would there be a vine bridge, especially one that’s floating, in the north pole? O.o). Overall, despite the fact that this level had a few cons and wasn’t all that large, the concept of it gave me a good idea for my level and I found it enjoyable playing this. Music also fit, Good job!

Head Hunter: For a starting point, the place underground with the lava and the very small platforms, whenever I sidekick there some ugly line goes straight across my screen. Don’t know why it does that, and since I’m not sure if the level is at fault I can’t really subtract marks from it. And, Jun-Jie bat cave? O.o. I liked the layout and puzzles of the level, and the story of it (bring 5 heads to the vampire), althought I’ve noticed how these levels lack enemies (they’re prolly puzzle levels, but then if no enemies so far why the ammo?) Anyways, this level seemed harder to solve than the others, and I had fun playing it. Great tileset usage btw. Eyecandy was rux.

Snowdust: Reloaded: This level seemed alright, it followed the style of the others, and the snowmen were cool. Just a question, but why didn’t the large spikes in dragonus’s place have hurt events on them? The poem thing in the warp to darangus’s place was nearly impossible to read in the level because the F-Dimension text came too soon after it, a sucker with a delay could’ve helped. The red scrolling backround in the F-dimension also got on my nerves a bit..Other than that, the level was alright, I didn’t like it as much as the santa claus one or the head hunter one but it was alright.

Grand Casino: Interesting level. I had a bug in the “Sucky” part with the airboard, when I got the airboard I suddenly flew into a sucker and when it let me out things got a bit weird. Without any touch of the keyboard, jazz would slowly fly up on the airboard, and when he hit one of the blocks it looked like as if he went through them like they were one wayed (which they were), but stopped at the very last inch of the block so I had to use no wall to get out. Strange. And then after that my airboard wouldn’t let me off the ground =\. This got fixed when I got a new airboard, though. This level took me a while mostly because of the balloon part (that one was evil). It was pretty basic, you didn’t need to think much, just be good at tests and stuff and you can pass this quick.

Final ratings:
Save the Sheep: 7.5
Santa’s Stolen Hats: 8
Head Hunter: 8.3
Snowdust: Reloaded: 7.7
Grand Casino: 7.5

Overall Comments: The levels were all decent, some more than others, and I like the style of them. They could’ve used a bit more spiffying up here and there and the eyecandy could’ve been more rux, but they werent too bad and I liked them. Plus I’m also in a good mood, so I might be rating them a little higher than what I would rate them if my mood was a little lower.

Final rating is 7.8, rounded down to a 7.7, but +.03 because of the combination of good mood, rux music, fairly interesting level style, and a small semi-story in the first four levels. I feel like im overrating this a bit though, since the levels are pretty small, but for now this rating stays what it currently is. I might adjust it in the near or later future, though. Download reccomended I guess.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Kickflip McTwist (Skateboarding)
Level rating: 6.7

Alright. Thankfully, this is uploaded as singleplayer instead of as tileset.

The level idea is pretty original. This was made long ago and still I’ve yet to see another level having an idea like this one. But the level itself isn’t so good, which is mainly fault of the tileset quality. You’re basically skating through the whole level (except for the part where you turn into a frog) and the level isn’t really big. The enemy placement could’ve been a lot better, I saw many enemies just standing on one spot stuck in a tile, and some where too evily placed to avoid gettign hurt by. Overall, I really didn’t like it. There were also parts where I got stuck (the part where I was a frog mainly) and parts that were too narrow and filled with enemies like dragons and ravens which were hard to kill in this type of environment. The level is logical though, and it does somewhat look like a skate park (in most places, some just look strange) and it isn’t really horrible in any way, just could’ve been made better. Eyecandy could’ve been more plentiful in the foreground, and tiling bugs could’ve been covered up in layer 5. The backround layers (the buildings) were done alright though, looking at the set the backround could’ve been far worse. The skateboard in layer 1 was also decently placed, most of the time it looked like you were actually standing on the board.

To conclude the review, this level has a nice idea, but it could’ve just been improved a bit, and it was made so long ago that it just doesn’t compare with some of the levels made today. I still think this level is alright though, and I’m in a fairly good mood (don’t know why though), so I’ll give this a 6.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Partner
Level rating: 7.2

Meh, might as well do a quick review on it.

The concept, double assault, is quite interesting and fairly fun to play. Basically, both teams are in a race to destroy the crates, and once they do they hit a trigger which allows them to access their opponents base (which you have to find). Personally, I’d just prefer that it would be to destroy the crates the fastest and then win like you do in regular assault, since the CTF part is really sort of confusing and I’m not too fond of it.

As for the level, its alright. It’s a bit small for an assault level, and looks sort of bland. The lack of eyecandy didn’t really bother me when I was playing this, infact I barely noticed the fact that this level lacks it. But bob said leaving out eyecandy was for the better, and although I dont really get a noticable difference in FPS when playing this in a populated server and playing another assault level such as the 7th lava fall one in a populated server, some people with a slower computer might. Like I mentioned before, I’m not particularly fond of the CTF thing after you hit all the crates, but the CTF bases where placed in crates which was interesting to see. Overall, this level is fairly decent, but it could’ve been greately improved by being expanded a bit, and perhaps (imo) having a different ending for this other than a basic CTF game. Overall, this gets a decent 7.2, since it’s a nifty new concept level which you can play when you’re bored from the usual, but there’s a lot of room for improvement in it. Good job and download reccomendation. 7.2.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: No Sense Station
Level rating: 6.1

Hmm…might as well review this.

Layout/Gameplay: I dont like it too much =/. Some stuff feel a bit too platformish, and I find myself bumping into too many things. 71,8 and 43,8, there should be a ramp/float up there. Jumping is annoying and slows you down. I feel as a lot of the springs should be better placed or have a keep on them, especially the ones underneath the seeker (or that platform could of been one wayed). The bases are also sorta a dead end (coulda been a sucker there). But the gameplay is alright in a few places, so it brings up the mark a bit. To conclude this, its a bit bumpy and I’m not very fond of it. A lot of stuff need one ways as well, since I got stuck in one place when I was playing this (96,13) and couldnt get out.
Rating: 6

Eyecandy/tileset use: Not so good. Some tiles are chopped off (42,8, 71,8, 69,36, 45,36 etc etc), and it doesnt really look original, just plain average eyecandy, with a few bugs (layer 3; 69,6 and 43,6).
Rating: 6.

Placement of Stuff: To start this off: 4 POWERUPS!!2422. This level is barely 115, 60 (something around that, I didnt feel that I need to waste time to accurately check JCS for it), and 3 of them are nearly right next to each other. The toaster and the seeker would of been enough. Other than that, ammo is placed in boring rectangular shapes and doesn’t really make the level any funner. Carrot placement isnt too bad, but it could of been better, and in a less crowded/platformish area.
Rating: 5.7

Overall (not an average): I’m not really fond of this level. It’s not really original in any way, the layout is buggy, the eyecandy is just average, and the ammo could of been a lot better. It reminds me of the levels I made two years ago (but they probably sucked a lot more than this ;( ). On a positive note, it isnt really bad, and it could of been a lot worse.
Rating: 5.5

Final rating: 5.8 (-0.2 for the evily annoying music D=). Which brings it to 5.6, still rounded to a 5.7, though. Don’t worry about the low rating, you’ll improve. But for now, 5.7 and no download reccomendation.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Holiday Headquarters
Level rating: 7.1

Yay, an upload by Wisey =))))).

Layout/Gameplay: Not particularly fond of it. One of the major cons is the right side of the level, where a lot of the walls are jagged, and you can get stuck pretty easily, which isn’t a good thing. This coulda been avoided with one ways, warps, or by just avoiding making the walls like that. 146,55, I always bump into the wall there, and have to jump to enter the sucker. Not really major or anything, but floatup would of been nice. Some parts feel a bit bumpy, but other than that its alright.
Layout/Gameplay: 6.8

Eyecandy: Definately a pro, the eyecandy pretty much rocks here. It just gives me a good feeling towards the level (music helps do that too) and makes me enjoy playing it. Nuff said
Eyecandy: 9

Placement of stuff: Seems a bit sparce, and the pattern is too repetitive (placed in rectangular boxes nearly everywhere). Took me longer to find the bouncer powerup than finding the seeker powerup (and I got stuck right after finding the bouncer =( ). Other than that, I question the placement of the powerups, since the seeker is more out in the open then the bouncer, and the seeker is relatively better. The carrot placement is alright. Could’ve been better, though.
Placement of stuff: 6.5

Music definately fits, it adds a nice warm feeling to the level and I just feel like I have to add bonus points for it (+0.1) because it makes the level feel good to play.

Originality: Can’t really judge on that since this is really the first CTF level I’ve seen with this set.

Overall (not an average): A fairly decent level. Has some flaws which bring it down a bit (mostly the layout and the repetitive ammo placement), and some pros which bring it up (eyecandy, rux music choice). I’d probably play this once in a while, but not as often since the layout is not so decent. Still worth a download, though, since I havent seen levels like it.
Overall (not an average): 7.5

Final rating: 7.45 (+0.1) = 7.55, still rounded to a 7.5 though. The level has potential, but suffers from a few flaws which severe the rating. Nonetheless, its still decent and worth a download. GJ Wisey =))).

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Chez
Level rating: 8.4

Alrighty, I’ll just do a medium size basic review.

At first glance the tileset seemed a bit monotonous, not having a large color variety. As I scrolled down the beautiful texturedness and the nicely drawn mountains and bg made me think better of this set. There are a bunch of strange black and white polkadotted tiles, some more black and white tiles, a ladder thing, some vines and poles, more vines, some weird purple and blue animating things, whole bunch of arrows, a bunch of what looks like destruct blocks, more black and white polkadotted blocks, letters and numbers, belts (=DDDDD), chess peices, some large metal pipe thing, backround stuff, and the two rux looking backrounds. The tileset seems fairy easy to use, I question the importance or placement of some tiles in the set, but the set shouldn’t take that long to learn. It would help if there was an example level, though. One of the main dissapointments of the tileset is the lack for a large color variety. The only colors in the set are black, white, grey, and a bit of blue and purple. The color might not seem that repetetive when you look at the set, but if you compare it with sets like Spacey Universe, then the lack of color is noticable. The masking for the tileset is alright for the most part, except the masking of some tiles just confuse me (the black and white polkadotted tiles right above the alphabet).

Overall: It’s generally an alright set. I’d probably use it a few times sooner or later, but it’s not as outstanding as some other sets. Still, it’s definately above average, and definately worth a download.

Tiles included: ground, wall, backround stuff, spikes, vines, poles, belts, animations (but not that much), arrows, alphabet + numbers, signs, large variety of destruct blocks, some sucker tubes (hard to spot them until you check the masking of the tileset), tunnel things, invisible tiles, chess peices, etc etc. Basically n0b0dy put the main tiles in the set, and even went a bit further by making a staircase thing and adding belts. Putting the effort into doing more than you have to = better rating.
Tiles Included: 9.3

Masking: Though at first the masking of some tiles confused me, most of it made sense afterward. Generally good masking, and has mask messages. Whee argh.
Masking: 8.2

Color: This is what brings down the mark a bit. Color variety is very limited, there only being b&w shades, and purple and blue. At least there is purple and blue, and the color could of been worse. Plus the texturedness of the mountains and stuff brings the mark up a bit.
Color: 7.1

User friendliness: Most of it is easy to use, and the rest won’t take too long to understand.
Userfriendliness: 8.4

Animations: There are belts, glowing light things, and thats mostly all. You could be creative and make your own, since if you look at the tileset, many things in it could be animated that probably arent meant to. I’ll leave this section blank though, since the rating for it varies.

Overall (not an average): It’s a spiffy tileset. Lacks some things but exceeds in others. I’d use it once in a while, and its worth a download.
Overall (not an average): 8.2

Final rating: 8.24 = 8.2.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
Level rating: 7.8

Okay, don’t have time for a regular review, but here goes the basics:

Conversion completeness: Never played the game, so I don’t know. Looks complete enough to me, though.

Tiles included: It has arrows, ground, walls, ceiling, holes in the ground, various machine like things, animating stuff, more different ground stuff, animating computer text stuff, vines, moving water, hurt events, destruct blocks (not a large variety), animating trigger buttons, some tiles made for trigger scenery, poles, rain, some other stuff which I think are suppose to be vines, sucker tubes, invisible tiles, a textured backround, slants, and some text at the bottom which appears to say something different in every version. Some things could of been designed better, but its mostly complete and rux.

Masking: It’s alright, I thought some things that aren’t masked would’ve been masked but whatever.

Color: The color basically consists of mostly in one color, except there are many different color versions. Although you cant mix different tileset versions together, so if you make a level with this it would mostly be of the same or similar color shades.

Green Waste 3: Very similar to green waste green, except the electrical wires are orangish instead, and some things are different color.
Green Waste Dark: I like this one, nightish purple type version. Looks pretty good imo.
Green waste green: Pretty basic, similar to Green Waste 3.
Green Waste Orange: I’m not particularly fond of it, and it could be a bit easier on the eyes =/.
Green Waste red: Alright, not too bright, its ok.
Green Waste Dark Pink: Reminds me of Mega Megatropolis Pink version a bit. Dont think pink is a good color scheme for this type of set, but whatever, at least it doesnt hurt the eyes much.

Overall: The set is fine, it has everything necessary to build a level with, except probably a color variety. doesn’t look too factorial either. Original rating would of been a 7.2, but since there are several different color versions +.5. Mask messages are amusing to read, and I might someday make something with this. 7.7 and download reccomendation plz thx dd.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Rather Useless CTF
Level rating: 7.9

About time I review this, here goes:

Rather Useless CTF, by Flash and Unhit:

Gameplay: Its alright, floatups decently placed in some placed, but not needed in others (like at the edges of platforms which are accesible by springs) but I guess they’re better for the flow. One ways placed good, the warps are a bit strange, but they prevent dead ends so they’re good. Several passages seem to narrow, though.

Layout: Im not particulary fond of it, passages don’t lead where you think they would, warps are placed in strange places (the ones to the powerups) One tile mask surrounding level which may cause a flag bug. Some places like 13,68 and 102,29 and 116,64,I didn’t like too much. The seeker place is too close to the full energy carrot. Once you get to learn the layout, its pretty good.

Eyecandy: Original. Could of been better though. The BG is good, fits the theme, although the rain might be falling too slow. The knights in the window things in the walls look cool, but the walls themselves could of been spiffed up more. The lighting is cool. Bugs in the walls are there (23,65 or around there, and around 37,66) and some stuff look weird and don’t fit too much (to the left of 103,59, dunno if that floating sword case was intentional or not). Overall, it looks ok, but could be greately improved.

Placement of stuff: Alright I guess, though the powerups (bouncer and seeker) might be a bit too close to the full energy, and I find that the red base is easier (or at least for me) to reach than the blue base (since you have to climb to reach blue base and that takes time). And the bouncer might let out a bit too close to the red base. (I should’ve put that in layout, but whatever). Ammo is good.

Music is great, couldn’t have chosen better. Fun Factor IS there, so is originality.

OVERALL (not average): A promising level, more work on it could’ve made it better. Some parts in the level look great (like how the bases are done) while others (15,65 and 116, 64) aren’t as well done. Also, on a side note, Gun crates/barrels cause a lot of lag in the level when abused, so dont overuse them. I havent gotten a flag bug yet (but my server isnt usually laggy and few people were on) but Im suspecting one. For some reason, my rabbit keeps burping in the level while Im writing this review (the burping sound when you die) and nobody is in the server right now, scary O.o.

Gameplay: 8.2
Layout: 7.9
Eyecandy: 8.2
Placement of stuff: 8.2
Overall: 7.9
Rabbit Burp-o-meter: 534.5
Final rating: 8.08 rounded down to an 8. Good Job and download reccomendation.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Font
Level rating: 7.0

Ok, first time reviewing a font, here goes:

LAbrat Kid made a jj2 font, yay! As I installed it and tested it in microsoft word, I wasnt as pleased as I thought I would be. The font lacks color, but I dont mind that. Though most of the time it looks smudged and erased a bit, and its hard to read it. When this is used in 8 or 9 font, its practically impossible to read this. The chars are so small and look screwed up. 10 font is a bit better, but still looks too smudged/erased. Same with 11 font. 12 font looks a bit better. 14 font looks a lot better, I might actually use it sometime, same with 16 and 18 font. 20-28 looks a bit messy, but alright. 36 and over is just no. Plus, there are some other cons. The 0 looks a bit too similar to the O at times, so its hard to tell the difference frequently. Not all characters work, only the letters and numbers and some other things like colons and slashes. It would be nice if some things like quotations and parentheses (not the ones on the numpad, the ones to the right of the P on the qwerty keyboard) would be included, but I dont think jj2 had them in the first place (you could of tried to make your own and make them look similar, but oh well). Overall, a bit too many cons for a higher rating, but this font can look pretty good at times, and it’s nice to have a jj2 font in word. Original rating 6.5 but upgraded to a 7.2 for effort and for the fact that the author tried to do something new to help the community (and so not too ruin the rating of this). Despite that the rating may not be that high, you should still download this to at least check it out. Good Job and download reccomendation.

~Blackraptor. [This review has been edited by Blackraptor][This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

Btw, the numerous edits are because I kept messing up when trying to explain what I meant in one of the sentences, and because I suck at spelling Qwerty.[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Jazz Crossword Puzzle (do NOT rate) (reuploaded)
Level rating: N/A

Actually, its the puzzle. Its too large for one sheet of paper right now so it gets cut off on 2 sides. Just copy it into microsoft word and print it from there.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Polyglotics
Level rating: 7.8

Polyglotics by Labrat Kid, here goes:

Pre-review comments: Polyglotics was indeed a level started a long time ago. It was hindered from being released for a few days, mostly since I kept promising lab to add something special to the level, but never got the chance. On a side note, imo the levels name is even stranger than the name of my recently released level.

Gameplay: The gameplay is ok here, its diffent than you would expect. There are more sucker tubes in the level then springs. Although I don’t have a problem with this, and the sucker tube locations are clearly pointed out, some people might, but not me. Next, the water. It fits in the level, but imo it slows down the gameplay a bit, and I don’t like it all too much. You could of made it a bit lower. Anyways, I just don’t like it in its current state. The hanging peice of ground at 108,75 is rather annoying. When I come from the left side, its not that easy to avoid the green springs and continue going right. In some places the gameplay to me feels a bit tight (mostly around the bottom under the water). Overall, the gameplay isn’t bad, but there are several things in it which, at least to me, are annoying.

Layout: Around 10 seconds to each base when you take the top route, around a second shorter going from the red base to the blue base if you double jump onto that high piece of ground at 139,57 instead of using the sucker tube which if you are jazz, you are forced to take if you want to get up there. I dont like it around 110, 77 where that stup hanging ground and the springs are, since to the left of that it gets crowded. Layout is alright.

Eyecandy: I don’t really like it all that much, nothing new or special in it, it just looks plain and average. There is a layer 3 bug (132,82), and the sparkling stars in the bg don’t make too much sense (stars in the daytime?). The gems in the walls, in some areas, are too repetitive. Also, the eyecandy around the top areas of the level is very dull, nothing up there in the bg layers (except the bg) and it looks a bit boring. Overall, the eyecandy is average, nothing that really makes me go “WOW RUX!!!” or stuff.

Placement of Stuff: Some things about it I dont like. Carrot placement is good, one full energy in the middle of the level. Ammo placement is dullish, the ammo is mostly placed in squarish rectanglish clumps, and more effort should of been put into placing the ammo. Sometimes I feel as if there is too much ammo, and you shouldn’t place crates containing 15 of one type of ammo together (96, 62) since 30 RF ammo in one place = too much, and if a person keeps repeatedly shooting the crates constantly, there will be a lot of ammo in one place causing ammo lag (like in the seeker area in b1), so never underestimate ammo crates. Powerup placement isn’t so good. The seeker is placed fairly well, although some may complain its too close to the carrot. The RF and blaster are way too close, and makes it biased to the blue team, since they have two powerups right next to them. The bouncer powerup is placed on the red side, although it is farther from the base than the RF and Blaster are from the blue base. This makes it even more biased for the blue team. 4 Powerups in this is also too much. Overall, I don’t like the placement of powerups or ammo too much.

OVERALL: The level could of been better, if some things could of been fixed and/or removed, the rating of this could of increased significantly. Although in it’s current state, I don’t think I’d really duel in here. The music rux though.

Gameplay: 7.7
Layout: 7.3
Eyecandy: 7.3
Placement of stuff: 6.9
Overall: 7.5
Final rating: 7.34, which I’ll be nice and upgrade to a 7.5. The level is good, but there are too many cons in it, a few more work with it could of improved its rating.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Alternate Exit
Level rating: 3.0

A hosting liscense..right..

Anyways, I joined a server with this being hosted so I might as well review it.
Alternate Exit: By Dapete10

Gameplay: No. Barely any ramps and stuff, flag bug possibility (flag bugs are horrible in levels, intentionally done or not), nothing to point out where the warps are. Dead ends (though small). No springs or stuff like that at all.

Layout: It will take you approximately 3 seconds to see the whole level. Small? Very. Horribly done? Yes. There is a crate which makes some of the surrounding tiles to go away and cause an intentional flag bug possibility, I kept crashing into stuff, ugh. I dont like the base placement, nor do I like the layout overall. Very small and poorly done, sorry to say.

Eyecandy: Probably the worst part of the level. Those 1’s and 0’s are just plain annoying. The red and blue tiles in the backround are confusing. The MCE vines in layer 4 are pointless and just look ugly, and some of the layer 4 eyecandy doesnt tile/looks horrid/missing some tiles. Oh, and exit and text signs should remain on the ground, rather than in midair.

Placement of stuff: Well, theres barely any stuff to begin with. There are 2 EB powerups, some seeker ammo and some TNT ammo. They could of been placed better, and there being two EB powerups is kinda useless, since they’re both only a tile or so away from each other. TNT is not needed as well.

OVERALL: It says you need a hosting liscense to host this, Im sort of against this since you can’t really control people’s free will and they’ll probably host this if they feel like it, hosting liscense or not. Not that I would host this, though, sorry to say.

Gameplay: 1.9
Layout: 2
Eyecandy: 2.4 (the author attempted to put some in, but it doesnt look too good)
Placement of stuff: 1.9
Overall: 2
Final rating: 2.04. +5 for effort. Download Reccomendation? Nope. Sorry, but this level needs work, a lot of work. Hopefully your next level will be better.[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Heavenly Havoc
Level rating: 8.2

Ah, it’s finally uploaded. I spent so much time beta testing it and at the end decided to be very cruel and pointed out bugs which you probably would’nt have noticed were there. Anyways, here goes:

Gameplay: The gameplay here pretty much rux. There is a lot of camping involved (especially at the top of that “Beam me up scotty” light in the center of the level, yes the one that you use to go up). I rarely found myself crashing into things, although I occasionally did. Anyways, its good.

Layout: The level is large, but it’s fairly easy to get to know. It looks symmetrical, and sometimes gets confusing (I sometimes got mixed up where the bases are and which way to the fountain, but that’s probably my fault). Scizor attempted to fix this by making all the flamingoes in that lake face towards the fountain, and by placing the moon glass windows on the blue side and the sun glass windows on the red, and by placing red butterflies on the red side and purple on the blue. But you probably won’t notice these things until someone tells you to look for them, or until you read this review, but still he tried. Other than that, the bases are placed at seperate top corners. To get up, you need to use the fountain placed in the center. It’ll beam you up to the top, and then you’ll go left or right to whichever base you choose to go to. It may sound like the bases are close to each other, but scizor made the doors close behind you as you approach each base, so you can’t grab the flag and quickly go the opposite way to the other one to score. I quite like the layout.

Eyecandy: In my opinion, I loved it. At first, some things looked weird, but after pointing out at least 10 eyecandy bugs (most which are very small and I was just being mean and pointing them out anyways) it looked a lot better. I really love the lighting events here, and it’s my favoritest thing in this level. Plus Scizor used all the layers, thats good. There is a great deal of original eyecandy here as well, and in conclusion I loved it.

Placement of Stuff: At first it was sparce, now there is more ammo. There are 3 powerups placed on floating platforms under the last pits on each side before the bases. Spaz needs to take the fountain up then go either left or right (left=toaster, right=RF) and fall through the pit to get them. Jazz just needs to take the fountain, and before he reaches the one way, swing right or left, and helicopter ear himself and land onto the platforms. Jazz biased? yes. But there are so few levels that are better for jazz these days, that I don’t mind. If you have a problem with this, then I suggest just to use jazz in this level. There is also a bouncer powerup, which is pretty easy to find (located top middle, right after you get thrown up by the fountain). The full energy is right in the middle, and a quick way to access it would also be through the fountain, but there is a chance you’ll miss it, which isnt good. The +1’s are at opposite sides in the suckers. You’d probably not have known this until someone would of told you or until you’d accidentally stumble onto it, since there is no way of telling they are there from looking at the suckers. In my opinion, they should of been more visible.

Overall: I really like this level, not only does it look good but it plays good as well. I had 2 2vs2’s here already and I found this level pretty good to duel in. The only nuisances/bugs are that you can easily get confused, once somehow I didn’t hit the ‘Set Light’ events when I started so the lighting was all gone for me, I’m not sure if this was a glitch in jj2 or in the level. The music also ruxed, except sometimes the tempo screwed up a bit, but then it somehow self-fixed itself.

Final Rating:
Gameplay: 8.2
Layout: 8.5
Eyecandy: 9.2
Placement of stuff: 8.
Overall: 8.7
Final rating = 8.52, rounded to an 8.5. Host this often. **** yeah. Download this? Unless you’d want to miss out on a great roxor level. Great Job, and keep up the good work, sct.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Moree Mines
Level rating: 8.2

Moree Mines, By FireSworD. About time I reviewed this level.

Gameplay: Its alright, Im not particularly fond of the place around 74,50, since I tend to nearly always jump too early and crash into the wall there. There is a shield in this level Gasp but its only meant for fifteen seconds, and its a fire shield, so you cant shoot normal bullets with it in water. It’s original. Though, I feel that the shield placement is a bit biased towards the blue team, they can reach the shield at about 8 seconds while the red team reaches it in around 10 (or at least that’s what I got). To try to make up for this, FS put a +1 carrot nearer to the red base (74,45, to be exact, where the ‘annoying’ wall is), which is apparently the only carrot in the level. Luckily, there is a shield so if you’re the flag carrier with 1h and need a carrot, if you’re fast enough the shield should protect you from campers long enough to get the carrot. A small nuisance, I don’t like the green spring around 38,21 being in a small pit, if you’re near it and start running fast, you’ll ‘fly’ over it (or miss it, in other terms). Nothing major, though.

Layout: It seems alright, a bit too small, at first I didn’t like it too much, but its alright. Interesting base placement. Nothing much to mention here. At first I thought that a part of the ceiling was missing and a flag bug was possible, but then I noticed the invisible masked tiles.

Eyecandy: For some reason I’m not particularly fond of it. Not that’s its bad or anything, I just can’t make myself be fond of it too much. Maybe it’s the tileset. In any case, the layer 3 wood tiles blend in with the layer 5, so it can get a bit confusing. But the author of the level isn’t fully at fault; there isn’t much eyecandy tiles here, so you can’t blame FS for improvising. Plus some of the eyecandy is original, so that rux. A lot of things here are too much of the same color, despite the fact that the backround looks cool and blends in with the tileset theme, everything here, including it, is mostly either a shade of yellow or brown (except the water…..eugh, imagining brown water is not fun)

Placement of stuff: One carrot (+1), placed at 74,45, nearest to the red base. One shield, placed at 13,12 (14,12 in JCS), nearest to blue base, a Toaster powerup placed at 44,20 (45,21 in JCS O.o). But you might think, a +1 carrot only and no full energy with a toaster powerup! What madness is this? Well, thankfully, the toaster doesnt work in water, so if you stay there you’re safe (the carrot itself is actually above the water, but who says it cant be shot down? >D) Plus I think there is a slight overusage of fastfires. Oh, and there is also a seeker powerup, just below pos 59,61. You need a diagonal ElectroBlaster shot to get it. I’m a bit agaisnt it since a seeker powerup, a fireshield, and only one carrot which isnt even a full!!1 Though I’m not entirely sure of it, this can lead to some problems, for now I havent encountered any, but I haven’t played this level all that much.

Overall: It’s really a decent level, some things kinda don’t go along good with me, I’m not sure whether to like or shun the new twist. Concluding statement is that’s its new and original, and thought it uses a limiting tileset it still turned out good.

OVERALL: 8.05, rounded to an 8, upgraded to an 8.2 because I’m in a good mood. Good Job. Download Reccomendation? Yes.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: JJ1: Stonar (reupload #2)
Level rating: 7.9


Tiles included: It has windows, pillars, spikes faced in all four directions, lots of ground/wall blocks, slopes, more ground blocks, masked tiles (which are easy to find), mountains, stone blocks, slopes with a diff. bg, destruct blocks (only 3, but there are 3 versions of each with diff. bgs, a break frame for the destruct blocks, skeletons and flipped skeletons (3 versions of each with diff. bg), more ground (grassy one), ceiling spikes, the bridge that goes over the water, water, the brown layer 5 bg, the ground (grassy) with the brown bg behind it, two different versions of a vine (chain and branch) with diff. bg’s behind them, red bricks, lots of arrows, some multi color block, palette by violet block, Lab rat kid block, made for blacky block (THX =DDD!!!), a “Blacky lol ;(” skeleton with a christmas hat, signs, mountains, layer 8 backround and textured layer 8 backround, some reddish brown tiles, a black tile, and a lot of empty space. I would of liked some spikes without the brown BG added, but it’s not that important. Looks like there is everything (I haven’t played Stonar 100 times so Im not exactly sure), and this would of been rated high, but there arent many extra things added, there could of been sucker tubes, poles, more destruct blocks and hooks added, among other things, which would of definately boosted up the rating, but in its current state it still gets a fairly high mark.

COLOR: Its good, coulda been some extra tiles which had a different color shade then the brown and grey tiles, but its ok.

MASKING: Windows unmasked, good, pillars unmasked, good, spikes look automasked, they needn’t to be fully masked, just half of them could of been masked rather than the whole tile, but whatever, blocks fully masked, good, masked tiles masked =p, curved tiles masked well, stone tiles masked well, destruct blocks masked fully, thats good, the skeletons are masked nicely, you can’t get stuck in them and there arent any jagged sides, I’m not too fond of the masking of the grassy ground, looks a bit automasked, but at least it avoids bugs, and even though youre not suppose to touch the water, it didnt have to be automasked, mask messages =DDDDDDDDDD. Overall, the masking is alright, some stuff look automasked and some things didn’t have to be fully masked (like the spikes and water), but it avoids bugs and its alright.

Useability: Despite there being no example level, its pretty easy to use, nuff said.

OVERALL: It’s a good conversions, not excellent or near perfect or anything, but the best Stonar we have so far. I’m not rating animations on this since it wouldn’t be too fair since Stonar never had much (if any).Great Work and merry christmas to you too! =D
Tiles Included: 7.7
Color: 8.3
Masking: 8
Useability: 9
Overall: 8.25
Rounded to an 8.2, and a download reccomendation.

Edit: Oh, and by the way Cooba, you’re not suppose to rate the example level or take marks off if its not there =PPPPPP
[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Ultimate command: The colony problems
Level rating: 8.1

Yay, an SP pack. Time to review:

Level 1: the final test: Argh, another carrotus level. It doesn’t seem to extraordinary or anything, and its basically an average level. I didn’t like some things here, and I found some eyecandy like around 32,11 confusing; eyecandy like this is hard to tell if its solid or not (there is more eyecandy like this through the level). The blackbound cave is evil. Anyways, i didn’t find this level to be spectacular or anything, and it kinda downgraded my thoughts for the entire pack because of its averageness. It could of been better, since it looks really dull.

Level 2: The final test (a continuation of the first level)
Again the evil cave, there could of been some flicker lights or steady lights placed there since its hard to see, but it’s alright and I can’t really take any marks off for it since it doesn’t quite reach the point where it would get that dark that I’d have to turn ambient lighting off or stuff. The rest of the level seems average, nothing spectacular.

Level 3: Attacking the fortress

A medivo level. There is more eyecandy here than the two previous levels, but that doesnt mean I like it more. Layer 4 stuff are used in layer 5 and again it gets hard to tell whats solid and whats not. The BG sucks (no offence). The level isn’t too long, and its fairly easy. I don’t like this level any better than the last two.

Level 4: Castle of Unlimitness

Argh, more darkness. Starts off as a maze, then you fight a schwartzenguard boss. Too short, too dark, and I hate the music. So far, I like this level least.

Level 5: Castle of unlimitness (continuation)
At first it looked extrememly spaz biased because jazz couldnt jump to the roof to get the airboard, but then I found the sucker tube. Anyways, you fly to the next tower, go down and to the exit through the maze. Fun? Not really. Same evil music.

Level 6: Evening rescue
This level looks more promising then the last few. Eyecandy is a bit better. Bridges look ugly, still a bit short and confusing, and Im not too fond of the clumps of enemies. Plus there’s that same darkness again, but even darker.

Level 7: Finding Eva.
Using a mez tileset, there are loads of eyecandy bugs here, and solid tiles used in layer 5 again. The BG isn’t any better than the one in medivo. There is a puzzle here, but it’s very simple.

Level 8: Escape.
Easy. All you have to do is run through the level and you can beat it in under 15 seconds.

Level 9: The underground tunnel
I have no idea what the heck I was suppose to do in the level so I skipped it.

Anyways, I don’t feel like writing a descriptive review on the rest of the levels, but they’re either average or below. To summarize my review:

Pros: There is a storyline, and there are a lot of levels

Cons: Eyecandy is bad, some levels are confusing, and it wasn’t really fun for me to play (I got bored at around the 10th or 11th level and just used jjnext to view the rest of the levels briefly).

Gameplay: Perhaps, it was alright except the large enemy clumps.

Eyecandy: There was eyecandy, but I just didn’t like it, too confusing, too few. Maybe I just played levels like The Episode or NIP too much that my eyecandy standards have gone too high. But it improved a bit in the last few levels, so 7/10 instead of 6/10

Placement of stuff: It wasn’t as bad as it could of been, but it wasnt shocking either

Fun Factor: I didn’t find this really fun to play, and sadly to say I got too bored around the 11th level that I just used jjnext every time I got bored from that point on.

Originality: There were some new things, but there werent many. since its hard to come up with lots of original things in a 25-level pack I’ll leave this out.

OVERALL: It would of been 6.2, but Im being nice and giving this a 7.2. My opinion differs from the rest of yours so don’t start yelling at me that I rated this unfairly or anything. Some of the levels here (like the ones at the end) were above average, but they just dont make up for the large amount of levels that were below average. Maybe later I’ll up my rating of this a bit, but for now, 7.2.

[This review has been edited by Blackraptor]

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: JJ1Turtemple
Level rating: 8.9


My first impression of this tileset was shocking, it looks so well converted. Plus turtemple is one of my most favorite jj1 sets, so I couldnt wait for someone to release its conversion. And even better, NOKA released 4 Different conversions of this (they have the same tiles, but different roxor palettes). Here goes:

Tiles included: I havent played jj1 in a while, but it looks like everything is there. I especially like those flowing red things, they look well converted and animated. The rocks could of also been somehow animated (those small ones that you stumbled on in jj1), but I dont mind, and they ARE included. Also, a lot of other things are included: Invisible tiles, Poles, Vines, Hooks, Different Sign posts, Jungle poles, arrows, VERY large destruct block variety, sucker tubes, the “approaching turtemple” thing, and some other things. Nice.

Color: Well, I kept hearing from people that turtemple has too much of a color variety and it drove people mad when they tried to convert it, and now I know why. Turtemple has a heck of a lot of colors included, and even though some stuff (like the jungle poles) dont look that good, Im giving high marks here because coloring just rocks.

Animations: Yes. Many. Very many. Very well done. Very many + Very well done = Very high mark.

Masking: I didn’t get stuck anywhere, and the H-Pole bug didnt bother me yet, so until I find a problem with it I can’t take marks off. Anyways, looks good.

Useability: Since its quite big, it gets a bit difficult to use, especially since there are so many animations as well. This time, NOKA has marked where the invisible tiles are, and its not THAT difficult to use, you should be able to learn it quickly.

Different Versions:
Turtemple 2: Looks like the original turtemple, the flowing red stuff (or lava, whatever) has been turned into flowing sand. The orange ground blocks have been turned a sandy yellow, and the jungle poles actually fit the color in this set.
Turtemple Heaven: This set is ok, though I don’t like the color all that much, since it tends to be some wierd shade of blue that hurt my eyes when I looked closely at it. Also, the color of several events is off, and some don’t look good this way. The flowing lava has been turned into flowing water, which looks rox.
turtemple Wild: I like this one, the orange ground has been turned into a wild green, the lava has been turned orange and looks a bit like the flowing sands in turtemple 2. The leaves of the palm tree are turquise (O.o) and most things here are green. The jungle pole looks a bit strange, unless you imagine the green dashes on it to be growing moss.

Overall: Definately a must download, I love this set.
Tiles Included: 9.2
Animations: 10
Color: 8.9 (minor coloring problems)
Masking: 9
Useability: 8.2
+.5 for the extra versions=9.56, rounded to 9.5. Definite download reccomendation. You rock, NOKA.

Review by Blackraptor

Posted more than 17 years ago
For: Monopoly
Level rating: 9.0

I absolutely love this level, it’s like real monopoly. Whenever I see Urjazz now and I’m bored I ask him if he wants a game of monopoly, since its just so addictive to play. Plus I can’t imagine how he made this level, it would take me a long while to figure out the triggering and get it right. The level also seems to work good, and I like how the “ROLL” is made. Whenever you feel bored and tired of playing normal jj2 gametypes, get a friend and have a good game of monopoly on jj2! Ruxors. Oh, and the JJ1 names for the stuff you can buy are also cool. suicides for shortness of review

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