Not recommendedReview by Blackraptor

10 Apr 2005, 07:35
For: The Cave Of Dream
Level rating: 3.9

I felt bored so I decided to use random level to review this!

First thing I notice is the backround. Looks pretty cool in 16bit actually, and I have never seen a level with the labrat bg warped before (or dont remember at least). The bg looks horrid in 8bit though, but I dont play in 8bit so ;d.
The author of this level must’ve had an obsession with hooks and spikes or something, cause there are a lot of them in this level. Tile placement is rather bad, reminds me of some of my early levels. At least some parts look alright, and it couldve been a lot worse.
One more thing, why did you include hurt events in battle? =P. Only the server will actually get hurt by them, otherwise they’re just a good way to get your character flashing so you wont get shot by anyone else. And plus there’s like hurt events throughout the entire level, not just one spot.
Ammo placement needs work, and I’m not going to bother going through all the extensive detail and bringing up things like the +15 freezer boxes and the sparcity in the ammo and stuff. Carrot placement also needs work, since you even have a full energy in here. All this is also sealed with a nice, great fact that nothing respawns :D.
Layout is really strange. You’ve got some annoying warps, dead ends, places that are too open, places with random platforms, and places that need one ways. The level also seems to be divided into two halfs. The warp that brings you to the 2nd warp and back is fine, but why do you have that warp that just warps you a few tiles down and left, as well as that tile that I think should’ve had a warp on it or something (17, 20 in JCS, although it has a warp target on it which makes things confusing because not all the blue warp stuff in the level have warps over it cause of that etc blahblah). Music doesn’t really fit the level either. Dunno why I mentioned this now, but it just came up.
As expected, level uses only layers 4 and 8. The gameplay is also very horizontal too. (Farthest down level goes is only 36 tiles, but it stretches up to 180 tiles horizontally. Meaning the bottommost occupied space by a tile is xx,36, and the right-most is 180, xx.
Anyways, this review is pretty much done.I can’t really imagine this taking 12 hours but if you say so alright.
Eyecandy: 4.2
Layout: 4.4
Placement of Stuff: 3
Gameplay: 3.5 (no springs at all too)
Overall (not avrg) 3.7
Final Rating: 3.76 ~ 3.8.
It seems like you are still a beginner at levelmaking, so these levels are acceptable right now. Eventually, if you practise, you’ll get better and will be able to make better stuff. Right now this gets a 3.8 and no download reccomendation, but keep trying!

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

10 Apr 2005, 07:12
For: Marbelara ClubMix
Level rating: 7.1

K. Another remix by danyjel.

I like how this one sounds for the most part, but there’s a few things about it I don’t like too much.

Firstly, the lead (or the beep things, don’t really know how to describe them) sound a bit too loud, they take the attention away from the backround stuff and prevent me from turning up the volume. Once again I like the climax of the song. The melody is interesting, kinda upbeat; I can’t really imagine this being used in any jj level though. Otherwise, it’s a good listen. Still not my favorite by you, but sounds good. A lot of parts in this music bring up nostalgia since they remind me from old games, which makes me like the song more. Yay for replacing a bass sample ;p.

Anyways, I don’t really know what to rate this, but I like it enough to give it an 8.5. And a download reccomendation

~Blackraptor (my reviews for music are really short =/)

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

3 Apr 2005, 18:22
For: China Turtle Temple
Level rating: 6.8

China Turtle Temple, another turtemple mix by Danyjel.

I like what you did to the beginning, it sounds different from the original turtemple and also gives that china feel.
I really like the song at its climax (patterns 12 – 14), it sounded great there. Too bad it was only a few patterns (12 – 14 and 27 – 29).
The ending is a nice fadeout, but if you want to use the music in a jj2 level, you won’t hear the fadeout and instead the music would just keep going full volume until the last pattern and then abruptly stop and loop.

Otherwise, I like this better than Templorary Turtle. It has more of an atmosphere and I like the main beat more. A good listen, and a good download =D.

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

3 Apr 2005, 03:44
For: Avoidance
Level rating: 7.6


Firstly, let me comment on how the music for this level wasn’t in the zip =D.
Otherwise, I dislike the crate system. It blocks off the wallclimb spot so nobody else could get in after someone gets into controller room. Why did you make that? Anyways, I played this with a lot of people and it got annoying. The actual level is pretty small, and you need TNT to blow up stuff, so its not that fun and chaotic like other ground force levels. eyecandy is alright.
Rating: 7

A Lone Island
Yay music =D. And again that crate system >.>. I don’t like the main arena here much. Eyecandy needs a lot of work and the backround is pretty boring. The delay between the bomb falling is nice, if only you couldn’t reach the bombs and blow them up manually without even hitting the crate.
Rating: 6.5

A Water surprise
Nice atmosphere, and imo this level looks a lot better for me in 16bit =D. I actually kinda like this level. Eyecandy is nice for the most part. I think you put too many carrots in the crates that fall though, it might get laggy. I would’ve given this a 7.5, but I managed to jump out of the gem area the controller gets to when out and back into the arena. You really need to fix that. -0.5

Rating: 7

Blazing Speed:
The turtle shell thing is fun (although not completely original since Blur’s Scatter used it), but some times the turtle shell fell without breaking anything. Yay for LRK’s song. The eyecandy is alright here, and this is a decent level.

Rating: 7.2

Palace of Punishment:
++Music. The concept is interesting, but this level is kinda hard =\. I’d prefer the coin amount you need before you get out to be higher. The eyecandy is alright, but because of color repetetiveness within the tiles it gets confusing.
Rating: 6.5

Windy Carrots
Lol @ tileset. This level was actually kinda fun, and the wind thing was original, but the wind might’ve been too strong. Still, one of the better ones in the pack imo.

Rating: 7.4

10 is a magical number
Dont get the name but k. Destruct blocks took some effort to destroy, and the empty areas in the arena were =\. Don’t really have much to comment on the level.
Rating: 7

Elixir of Distort:
Woah. Pretty big level. Also kinda lacking in music =P. might’ve been funner if the crates didnt drop the bombs on you and in a distant area where other players might be instead. Tileset use was ok. I like the backround
Rating: 7.2

Marbles of Magic:
Hm. Lots of eyecandy bugs in the start area, but I liked what you did in the walls in the arena. I dont like the layout of the level, since its really hard to get up especially if you fall down all the way. Music is nice.
Rating: 6.7

Thunderstorm of the Ancients:
I see rain but I dont see lightning anywhere ;(. More like a huge rainstorm. Level is pretty big too, and the turtle thing is interesting (the shells). One thing I noticed is that people were able to get back into the arena if they rejoined the level (-0.5), and that kinda sucks. I also got killed by the turtles too. Whee. Music is nostalgic though, reminds me of donkey kong 3 (probably cause I think it is from donkey kong 3).
Rating: 7.4 – 0.5 = 6.9.

Rating of the pack: 6.94 rounded down to a 6.9.

Lots of these levels are really buggy and need some fixes, but otherwise some of them are ok and kinda fun to play. I’d give this a download reccomendation, since it has some fairly original stuff in it.


Edit: Since apparently a lot of bugs are fixed, I’ll upgrade the rating of this to a 7.6. GG.

Edit: Some bugs are still there. I can get into the arena after the server and everyone else got in (i.e by rejoining if I get out) and stuff. Back down to a 7.3 until this gets fixed..

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

18 Mar 2005, 01:40
For: Chris & Liz
Level rating: 7.9

Another great song by Danyjel.

Crysilis is an overremixed song. I see so many remixes of it and tubelectric. But this one is a good remix.

It starts off catchy and I like the rhythm of it. The lead does remind me a bit of NWCryst, although I don’t like it too much. Some channels like 20 and 21 are kinda boring, but its partially the original song’s fault because those parts in it where boring too.

I like the samples (especially the ones introduced in the few beginning patterns), and the song lenght is about average (3min50sec).

Even though my review sounded a big negative I still really like this song, and will keep listening to it in my mod playlist =D.

Good Job and keep making remixes!

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

7 Mar 2005, 06:07
For: Dance in Temple
Level rating: 7.5

Dance In Temple – By Danyjel

Firstly, the 2nd pause in the beginning, after you get the techno-sounding sample into the beat doesn’t really fit in. Even though the original turtemple had the break in the beginning, I don’t think you should’ve put it in that far into the beat, its just like expecting the song to reach its starting point peak but instead just stop.

Other than that, I like how the beat goes from there on. It sounds catchy and good. Some parts sounded a bit bland maybe though (Ch. 12 for example, could’ve used something in the backround).

Anyways, looks like you did quite a bit with the song, including making the speed faster. Good Job!

Some final comments to make, although the song sounds good, I don’t like it as much as some other works of yours like ChrisiLiz or Electronique Army. Maybe its because I don’t like the original turtemple song as much as the Chrysilis or Tubelectric one?

Final Rating is a 7.5. This is good remix and I definately reccomend people to download it. Again a good job done by Danyjel.

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

7 Mar 2005, 01:30
For: Islands in the Sapphire Sea
Level rating: 8.6

Blade’s 11th set. Here goes.

First impression of this was great. The tileset and the atmosphere are outstanding here. I wanted to make a level with the set right after I finished the example level!

Personally, I like the Cartoonish style of the set, because different tileset styles are always welcome. This set has lots of potential for eyecandy, because there are many cool pirate stuff you can place everywhere.

Palette events need some work (The snow doesnt look too bad though, and I don’t play in 8bit anyways so I dont care much about the water =P). The sand could also use some shading or texturing too since its just one color, but at least it doesn’t look bad.

Like Blade mentioned, this tileset is hard to use, but you can make some great things with it (like the example level shows). I have no problem with the masking.

Personally I think a textured backround would ruin the atmosphere of the tileset, so I’m not going to dock any marks off for the lack of one (I like the normal cartoon-like backround anyways).

Tiles Included: 9.2
Masking: 9.5
Color: 8.3
Userfriendliness: 7.7
Overall (Not an average): 9.5 (I really like this set)
Final Rating: 8.84, bumped up to an 8.9. I really like this set and I would definately make levels with it in the future, good work!

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

26 Feb 2005, 22:03
For: Fragile Existence
Level rating: 7.8

Fragile Existance – By Fawriel
Time Started to play level: 3:14 pm (15:14) – Time Finished Level: 3:50pm (15:50).

Over half an hour it took me to beat it O.o.

To start the review:

Firstly, I’ve enjoyed this level from the point where I betatested and gave suggestions upon it during the active times of Project Alpha, and I still enjoy it now. This is undoubtedly one of the hardest levels I’ve played – not only in the fact that I’ve died/been near death so many times I’ve lost count, but also the mind-boggling puzzles. This level not only testes your quick reactions and awareness, but also your ability to solve puzzles and think.

The eyecandy in this level is for the most part, beautiful. The atmosphere is good (it does look like a deep cave). There is eyecandy everywhere. There are a bunch of eyecandy bugs, but they’re barely noticable unless you go hunting for them. The level is fairly long and difficult, but also fun. Lots of pickups and secrets nearly everywhere. The only annoyances where that bees and dragons got too annoying and hard to kill with the bumpy terrain, as with the bats hidden behind or near layer 3 that you can barely spot. Music choice was great. Overall, this is a really awesome single player level. You’ll definately have to spend effort and time beating it. It’s too bad that Faw doesn’t make many other levels, though =\. Lots of original and fun effects in this level too, so its definately worth a check!

Layout/Gameplay: 8.2 (long and challenging, but often confusing and prone to get you stuck in the ceiling sometimes)
Eyecandy: 8.5 (some places could’ve used more, but it was generally good).
Placement: 8 (enemies got annoying when they were placed in unavoidable areas)
Originality: 8.5 (lots of cool stuff, despite the level being several years old)
Overall (not average): 8.5 (Imho this is a really good and challenging level. Needs some things to get fixed though).

Final Rating: 8.34 ~ 8.3 (would be 8.2 if it weren’t for textbox ratings).

This is a great level Faw, too bad you don’t make much more levels anymore. This gets a download reccomendation and a pat on the back from me =P.

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

19 Feb 2005, 22:20
For: gg no re
Level rating: 8.4

bahbah I had a long review for half this pack posted but I pressed the wrong button and it died.

Blizzard Catastrophy

To summarize the long paragraph I had about this level – The eyecandy needs a lot of work. The snow is unrealistic and falls like boulders out of the sky, and much of the level is empty or tiles poorly. Layout – the top part of the level is extremely empty – barely anything is there. The carrots at the top left are also too close. Pickup placement is sparce in some parts, and lacks creativity a lot.

Gold Rush Mountains
The eyecandy here is great – the only setback for it is that it is sometimes confusing and you cant tell what’s what (like bottom left) – try to avoid that in the future. Layout is alright, except for many parts being crowded. I like the coin idea and the destruct blocks in the level, adds more originality to it. Placement of stuff is alright.

Hyperborean Atmosphere

LRK shows us what can be done with a keen set. The layout of this level – except for the unneedingly long top right passage that ends with strong wind – is well done. The eyecandy here is very atmospheric and nicely done – considering the set used. I also like the use of the glass domes. Pickup placement is good.

Superslick Santa Showdown

Interesting tubelectric edit, but I don’t like what’s been done with the palette. It looks like some poorly colored set from an old game, and is dull for the eyes. The eyecandy here is extremely confusing, solid tiles are used in backround and foreground layers and it gives headaches telling what’s what. Layout uses a few interesting tricks, but I don’t like it all that much. Much of it is just….random. Placement of stuff was ok but could use work. Way too many fastfires in one place in this level. Music choice could also be better. Next level setting is nonexistant.


nah I wouldnt say so. This level uses the HH98 set (diff. version then gold rush mountains). Eyecandy here was good, but not as good as in Gold Rush Mountains imo. Layout was decent. The left side of the level was unmasked in some parts (not going to spend time explaining what that leads to), I think there were too many poles on the right, and I didn’t like how the area behind the huge house was a dead end. (Also not all of it was fully covered by layer 3).


Winter Melody

Firstly, the filename of this level in the text was misleading >(. Otherwise, this is my favorite level in the pack. The backround looks great (except maybe in 8bit), and the layout is superb. Placement of stuff was nice and creative. The music choice along with the eyecandy gives this level a great atmosphere.

Snowman’s Land

Using the day version of HH98, another level by White Rabbit. Eyecandy is not as good as in the other level but decent. Layout is alright, but much of it is either too narrow or too open. The bridge was also rather unnecessary. Placement of stuff was good.

Algid Jollification:

I remember LRK showing this level to me a long while ago and asking me to do some part of the eyecandy (dunno if he kept it in or not). Otherwise, the music is quiet but nice. I like the atmosphere and eyecandy of the level. Layout is also a relatively strong point. Basically another good level in the pack (I like this better than Hyperborean Atmosphere).

Merry Hypothermia

Ahahaha the level name, and the beginning of the music gave me a good laugh (even my spaz played the laughing animation). I like the snow (even though it might be falling a bit too slow). Eyecandy is about average, (lots of parts look plain). Layout was generally fine, and so was placement of stuff.

And so, my review ends. I think this pack is good, but a bit overrated.
Average of this pack comes down to a 7.566666666666666667 or something, but I’ll round up to a 7.7. Many of the levels are really good, but some need a bit of work. A (rather) late merry christmas!

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

18 Feb 2005, 03:59
For: Medieval Rats
Level rating: 8.5

I guess I’ll review this since LRK asked me.

Firstly, I also really like this song. Two good remixes released so near each other (This and Elektronique army by Danyjel).

Although other than diff. samples no new patterns seem to be added in the song (I didnt check thoroughly so correct me if Im wrong) but LRK did manage to make the song sound great (at least imo) and this even inspired me to make a JCS level ;p. He did a great job combining medivo and labrat.

There’s no real specific parts for the song which stand out that much to me; all of the song (except maybe the beginning, which isnt too great) sounds good.

I’d reccomend downloading this song, since it’s a worthwhile listen. Great work on this one LRK.

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

14 Feb 2005, 06:23
For: ElekTronique Army (in War)
Level rating: 8.4

Well, anyways. Im going to rate this since most people here posted one sentence reviews.

Let me start off with the fact that I really love this song. It’s one of the ONLY 6+ minute songs that I listen all the way through each time over. I generally enjoy the entire melody of it, especially parts like patterns 0, 12, 13, 14 etc. The way those instruments are blended in together in one beat, they sound cool. Also the song is very nostalgic; I’ve heard something like this before (and enjoyed it) but I cant remember where.

Although the song sounds VERY different from tubelectric at parts, I can still hear a lot of familiar rhythms and sounds that remind me of tubelectric in it – which is great. I know I’m not all that great at reviewing musics, but you wanted a rating so here you go =P. 8.7, keep making tunes ‘cause most of them are really good.

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

3 Feb 2005, 02:41
For: J2LC Summer Pack 2004
Level rating: 7.3

Deserted Paradise CTF

Bleh….no music. Anyways, the eyecandy here is good. Lots of things to look at while running. Flow was alright except a few times a spring jutted me into a ceiling corner while running. Layout is alright, although it sorta looks…puzzling. Like one of those level layouts you have to play over and over many times to understand. Ammo was creative, but I think you used too much different types of it, and the ice is sorta useless..Powerups are ok. The level in general is decent, but I think its one of those levels like Battle1 and Garden Brawl that you have to play over and over to really enjoy.
Rating: 7.5

Carrotus Square
K. Firstly, the blue base faces the wrong way =P. So is the red base, depending where you come from. Several places in the level I though could’ve used some floatups or springs, since I had to slow down to avoid crashing into things/jump a lot. There were a few tile bugs, and the eyecandy was dull in a lot of places, and could’ve used more originality. The coinwarp imo gives too much stuff, and people could easily just camp there (with a seeker powerup, another blaster powerup, and a full energy within grasp, who needs to run around? =P). I might like the layout (except for a lot of things that could’ve been fixed with the flow, and the coinwarp) a bit better than in the last level, at least on first impression. I also appear to be missing my vital earcandy for this (\o/ new word).
Rating: 7 (almost a 6.9).

Average: 7.25 ~ 7.3. I might’ve expected a bit more from J2LC, but at least they released something, and the levels aren’t bad. I’d suggest downloading this Especially if you want some hardcore gameboy-eating action

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

28 Dec 2004, 02:12
For: Garden Brawl
Level rating: 8.7

Ok. Since about 6 other people posted really long extensive reviews about this level I’ll just post a quick summary.

The layout of the level is for the most part, nicely done. I played several games in this and found them quite enjoyable. The level is fairly big, but I noticed much of the activity occured in one place of the level (the center, where the seeker pu and carrot are). Some routes are particularly evil like 68,43, but thankfully there’s another route to get down there. To get around you have to do a lot of jumping, but that made things more interesting in the level. Eyecandy is nicely done, but not overdone. I like the use of the green “bushes” and the cave tiles. Overall it was pleasing to look at. With the eyecandy, tileset choice and music, the atmosphere was very pleasant too. Looking at the level there looks like there would be enough ammo, but a lot of times the ammo is placed in big chunks and spread far apart from other ammo, which makes some areas have more of it and some be empty (although I found the empty ones to be within the main battle area, so thats fine). Powerups are also nicely placed. They seem close to each other but thats because the level isnt all that big. Carrots are also placed nicely, and thankfully for that vine, or the 3rd one would have been almost impossible to find unless you knew where it was. The level played smoothly enough, interesting how there were pinball bumps used.

This level is fun to play and is a solid good level, but I think it’s really overrated (I blame spoy for hosting it so often before its release). 8.2 should do, and I would expect to see this level being hosted fairly often in the future (And congratulations on winning the featured download of the month award, because LRK got lazy ;|).

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

26 Dec 2004, 08:45
For: Templorary Turtle (X-mas mix)
Level rating: 5.4

Hm. I like your remixes, Danyjel.

I just don’t review them because I’m not every good at reviewing musics. I’ll review this one though.

I like the beat of the song, and how you put in some jingle samples that reminded me of christmas. The song is nice to listen to, I can’t find much wrong with it. I think the beginning might’ve been delayed too long (Basically what LRK said), and there could’ve been another lead sample (Dont ask me what though, I can’t answer that off the top of my head) because some of the song sounds a bit empty.

Not my favorite remix by you, but a decent remix. 7.3, sorry if that seems a little low. Download reccomend.

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

21 Dec 2004, 23:09
For: 5 Alive
Level rating: 8.9

Wow. These levels are huge.

Firstly, I’ll mention the few bugs these have so I won’t forget them.
- Spaz can reach a lot more places then jazz, and in some cases, places he’s not suppose to reach.
-In starlight sparkle I can reach the bonus area without getting the required coins by simply TNTing the stomp blocks and RF climbing my way up.

And now, the reasons why I found this enjoyable:
-Music choice was good.
-Levels were long and took effort to beat
-Difficulty was good. Not too hard that you’d get frustrated, but hard enough that I found myself at 1 h a few times, and even died once (thank god for save points ;))
-The levels didn’t feel empty, there was always some pickups, baddies, or something else to keep you occupied.
-Eyecandy was basic, but nice. Stuff tiled etc.

Conclusion: A nice small pack of levels, that are all around designed well, and fun to play, especially on a rainy day or when you’re bored. I was thinking of giving this an 8.2 or an 8.5, but then I found that these levels use difficulty, and the readme is well designed, so I decided on an 8.5. These are old, but still fair well to today’s standards, so if you don’t have these already, get them.

Download Reccomendation

Review by Blackraptor

21 Dec 2004, 01:15
For: CTF-SnowWorlds
Level rating: N/A

DreamSectioN made Mysterius Times. I’ll review this later.

Not recommendedReview by Blackraptor

3 Dec 2004, 05:12
For: Mysterious Forest
Level rating: 7.7

Hm. I had this set under a different name (and maybe got the music from this, music owns =P). Or rather, I had a set like it except with fewer tiles. Since I’m reviewing this for nostalgic purposes, the review will be kept fairly short.

There are several tiles included, I don’t particularly like the way some are drawn – Tiles like the ones on row 9, 10, and 11 (the blocks) and the Bg look differently drawn then some of the tiles like the plain green ones. If you want to make a set, stick to one drawing style in it so things don’t look out of place. The theme doesn’t really remind me of a forest, rather, I wouldn’t know what theme to go along if I make a level using this. Not so many animations in this set, but it has stuff like poles, hooks, vines, hurt events, and destruct blocks and stuff, and eyecandy tiles. The stuff needed to make a good level is there, but I don’t really like how the set is drawn, and am not particularly fond of the detail/texturing and coloring of it either, as well as that it doesn’t look much like a forest. Looks really flashy though ;d. Masking is good enough.

This tileset feels like a 7.2, so that’s what I’ll give it. Seems low compared to some other ratings, but those reviews where made in 2002, and this one in late ’04, so standards change I guess ;|. Download reccomendation? Doesn’t really scream out one, and apparently MB has a set just like it. In conclusion, its a decent set, but there are better forest ones out there. Probably the highest I’ll give something without giving a download reccomendation ;d.

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

2 Dec 2004, 02:27
For: FSP: Rent Collection
Level rating: 9.1

Had fun betatesting this

Just like I had mentioned in the JCF post I made about this pack, it is a very good one (Imo I prefer it over time tripping) and this is the place where I’ll justify my reasons.

FSP: Rent Collection

Legends and Hints

Well, to summarize this in one sentence: This is one of the best cutscene levels I’ve seen. Not one of those old overdone ones where you’re taken through a sucker tube and read text strings (I’ve done those a few times =P), but a hocus style one with even pictures (Taken from google!). Good first impression on the pack.

A Random Castle
Not particularly the most creative name I’ve seen, but the level itself is good. Firstly, it’s non-linear, which, at least for me, made playing it more enjoyable. I really like the chesire trick used here (and throghout the pack), original and cool. The level was challenging enough, and provided several off-route secrets which made it more fun to play. Eyecandy was alright-good, nice to look at, but I’ve seen it before. Enemies where placed alright, even though the bats may have looked a bit awkward floating in midair.
Layout/Gameplay: 9.2
Eyecandy: 8.5
Placement of Stuff: 8.5
Originality/Music: 8.4
Overall (not average): 8.8
Average: 8.68 ~ 8.7

Lack of Marmalade

This was one of my favorite levels. Firstly, I liked the music choice here. Layout was also nicely done, I had trouble finding some of the coins here playing the first time, and spent a while on it. I don’t like some of the changes made to it after I tested (the dark lighting) though, looks strange and I don’t like how it interfers with the playing arena =\. Other than that, the level was fun, had some cool effects, and was nicely done.
Layout/Gameplay: 9.5
Eyecandy: 8.3
Placement of stuff: 9
Originality/Music: 9.5
Overall/Not an Average: 9.2
Level Rating: 9.1 (on the dot).

A Cold Day In Foomania

Hm. A nice change, a level in the pack that doesn’t use the hocus tileset =P. Looking at the tileset (which is rather limited – Ground Force by ET) Violet did a good job. I like the music, it gives the level a nice feel, and the eyecandy is near the best it could be considering the set. I really like the layout, very nicely done, and lots of secrets too. Considering the chosen set, this level is very well done =P
Layout/Gameplay: 9.8
Eyecandy: 8.7
Placement of Stuff: 9
Originality/Music: 8.6
Overall (not an average): 8.7
Level Rating: 8.96 ~ 9.

Black Ninja’s Castle

Beginning (and lighting) of level owns (especially the nice blackness effect of the skulls). Level is actually fairly short, but the boss battle with BN owns (must’ve been annoying animating all that =P). I like the eyecandy here a lot, creatively done.
Layout/Gameplay: 9.2
Eyecandy: 9.2
Placement of Stuff: 8.5
Originality/Music: 9.7
Overall/not an average: 9
Level Rating: 9.12 ~ 9.1. The shortest level so far got the highest rating, heh.

The Nature Castle
Nice & different scenery, interesting layout, and lots of secrets. Not the best level, but I like how it differed in appearance from the rest of the hocus levels so you wouldn’t have the same eyecandy thrown at you and stuff. Different enemy choice, and nice (but overused ;() music. Lots of chesire2s, too.
Layout/Gameplay: 8.5
Eyecandy: 9.3
Placement of Stuff: 8.4
Originality/Music: 9
Overall (Not an average): 8.8
Level Rating: 8.8 on the dot.

Also nice first impression & tileset use. Music is alright, fits the mood. Eyecandy rux, layout is alright and the level is flooded with enemies. I like how the mad monks were designed. Seemed to be less hidden stuff in this one.
Layout/Gameplay: 8.5
Eyecandy: 9.3
Placement of Stuff: 8.4
Originality/Music: 8.7
Overall/not an average: 8.7
Level Rating: 8.72 ~ 8.7

Fooruman’s Hologram Machine
This level was HARD. And long. Layout was nicely done, multirouted. Lots of sparks, hurt events, lava, hatters, etc. Ergh. But lots of shields and pickups too so =D. Eyecandy was chaotic but managed to peice together alright, we couldn’t find a better music for this so this stayed, although I don’t mind M04. I had no idea what to do in the end boss place. I just stayed crawled up on the left side platform where nobody seemed to be able to hurt me (sparks were faced towards me, Bilsy didn’t notice me). Stomp scenery = evil. Sooner or later I somehow won. So yay.
Layout/Gameplay: 9.2 (haarrdd, try it on hard mode :P)
Eyecandy: 8.8
Placement of Stuff: 9
Originality/Music: 8.9
Overall/not an average: 9.2
Level Rating: 9.02 ~ 9

Just a question, but what was Greenkiller doing in Fooruman’s Hologram machine? =P

Oh Yeah

This is really a level ;o. I like the effects in the beginning of the level (the Hologram machine’s destruction, Fooruman being a stup and taking your coins). Most the level is just credits in a level (Nice idea), except the epic battle in the end which is nicely done. I don’t really know how to rate it since it’s not really a level (level, credits, cutscenes and EPIC BOSS BATTLE in one!) so I’ll just say it was an awesome ending.

Final Notes: I really like the concept of this pack. Needing to collect a certain amount of coins is more original and fun then just searching for the ending. It also had most the levels be multirouted and non-linear, which is also good. I had a lot of fun playing, testing, and giving suggestions towards this pack, and I think it is definately something you should all download and play. Happy (Early) holidays!

A Random Castle: 8.7
Lack of Marmalade: 9.1
A Cold Day in Foomania: 9
Black Ninja’s Castle: 9.1
The Nature Castle: 8.8
Mellenwah: 8.7
Fooruman’s Hologram Machine: 9
Average: 8.914 blahblah ~ 8.9. I’ll be nice and up this by +0.3 because the cutscenes were rux enough to help the rating of this pack. 9.2 is what I give, and definately a download reccomendation.

Good Job Violet!

(Kinda ironic that I would give this less than I gave your hocus pack. Heh, standards changing I guess.)

RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

28 Nov 2004, 20:57
For: Diamondus ß
Level rating: 9.2

Diamondus Beta. Here goes:

Firstly, since you only had two small screenies to work with, I’d say this was more of a tileset itself then a remake/conversion/whatever.

Firstly. the first impression this set gave off was amazing. I personally love the grass in this set, and the gems are cool. Plus there are 5 current versions of this set – and pyro said he’d release another one (not going to ruin the surprise and tell you the theme of it ;D) later.

Firstly, the technical rating:
Diamondus B Day/Garden
Pin 500 bump: Looks really good.
Pin paddles: Also look good.
Small Tree: Looks good.
Psych Pole: Looks really good.
Diamondus Pole: Looks really good.
Carrotus pole: Looks pretty good.
Jungle Pole: Looks green =\.
Pin Carrot bump: Not really fond of the colors but looks alright.
Water is good, Snow is green.
Diamondus B Lava: Snow is still green, and green doesn’t really fit in with a lava looking place. (Red snow would’ve been cool, or grey snow like ash). Water looks like lava so thats cool. Pinball Carrot bump looks really good, and the rest is either good/pretty good.
Diamondus B Midnight: Diamondus Pole might be too light, again don’t particularly like the colors of the carrot bump, snow looks a better here. Rest is alright.
Diamondus B Night: I really like the psych pole, and the water is pretty good. Rest looks good.

Technical Rating: 9.4

Now onto the tilesets themselves. Looking at them and comparing them with the original diamondus, I could see that most the stuff is there. None of the rotating gems are able to be placed without the wall in the backround, or on the edge of the wall though. I suppose adding that would make the set too big, though. A lot of new stuff is animated (waterfalls, which look a lot like the ones from BlurredDs Diamond Dust, and a lot of roating gems.). There are also more destruct blocks added in the set. Pyro said there is room enough for 34 anims (actually 33, since when you get to 1024 it still counts as too many – 0 in access). This sounds like a lot, but if you animate the gems, the mushroom, the flower, the sparkles, the waterfall, the destructable rabbit signs, and all the destruct blocks, you won’t have enough, so you’ll have to make some sacrifices. Something I noticed is that the destruct blocks were visible from behind any side wall that was put over them in layer 3, so you couldnt fully hide them. I’d have also like to see more invisible tiles (half masked one, slopes). Backrounds are nice, and I like how you made some fade into colors that matched the set in 8 bit (like the lava one, especially. Nice feel). There is a LARGE tile variety, lots of different jagged walls, ceiling tiles, backround tiles etc, and lots of potential for good eyecandy so your level wont get boring. Poles are there, vines are there, spikes, lots of eyecandy tiles, all the destruct blocks needed, foreground eyecandy, a solid invisible tile, nothing that looks like a hook, but some tiles are masked thin enough for them to be able to be used as one (tile 6, 16). No sucker tubes either. Using this set is pretty easy. Masking is good. Generally, I really like this set, and its palette edits, and I’d definately use this in the future.

Rating time:
Conversion Completeness (it is technically a remake/conversion =P): 9.2
Tiles Added: 9.3
Color: 9.7
Animations: 9.6(-0.4 because I agree with LRK that the gems look a bit cartoony, and hog a large amount of space)
Masking: 9.5
Userfriendliness: 9.5 (had no problem)
Overall/not an average: 9.2
Technical: 9.4
Final Rating: 9.425 ~ 9.4. Definate download reccomendation, since this is awesome =P. (And I got to test it before it was released too.)
Download reccomendation, unless you want to miss out on something awesome.


RecommendedReview by Blackraptor

13 Oct 2004, 00:52
For: Winter Celebration v.2
Level rating: 9.0

Meh. Not going to go through this all, but I didn’t quite like it as much as the rest. Since this was pre-awesome conversions by Violet/Noka era, the HH94+95 sets used were ones of poor quality. The levels were alright, but fairly barren with not much new. A few bugs in some of them too, like one of the save points in the holidaeus being next to blocks needing a trigger to open. Well, once you die and touch that save point, when you resurrect, the trigger blocks are set to 1st anim therefore masked, and you get stuck in a wall. Eyecandy is average. The pack isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t give it higher then an 8. 7.5. A nice little pack with some fun things, but most things aren’t more then decent. Download reccomendation, although I feel empty because I expected more from soemthing rated 9. Maybe its because I have a small headache atm. OH well. review ends =D.

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