Not recommendedReview by FawFul

10 Sep 2008, 17:34 (edited 10 Sep 08, 17:38 by FawFulcc)
For: jp-->3-1 Fanolint
Level rating: 3.1

no offense, but lately this irritates me as hell.
you can figure out what i mean.
wavs don’t run in jj2, and just don’t give higher ratings for musics.
level is not very fun. actually a whole copy. i don’t get the point, if i want to play this is will play jj1 instead.
i don’t see myself playing this, since i don’t get the point why i should.

Not recommendedQuick Review by FawFul

4 Sep 2008, 15:59 (edited 6 Sep 08, 12:18 by FawFulcc)
For: Fortress of Fear
Level rating: 5.5

this is a very small level, where i can’t see anything because off the rain spam. further a very worse dead end in the right and weird masked unseeable objects, tubes make this level even more complicated as it is. eyecandy is okay, but oculd have some more variety in the background. overall, i don’t see myself playing this again, sorry :S.

Not recommendedQuick Review by FawFul

4 Sep 2008, 15:51
For: Midnight at Bloodlet Bane
Level rating: 7.2

Nothing special about it.. but anyway, this level is to small for the contest.. Width + height should be 5000 and the ‘playable’ area comes to like 4200. the level itself is very small, with small paths.. coins were useless for those weak power ups, not very good flow.. and stuck at hurt events, because they won’t hurt in multiplayer.

Review by FawFul

28 Aug 2008, 19:54
For: The Old Hause
Level rating: 7.0

and then knowing i got 0.1 higher..

Review by FawFul

23 Aug 2008, 17:09 (edited 23 Aug 08, 17:11 by FawFulcc)
For: Tube blue
Level rating: 6.2

haha, saying it’s nice and yet you give a 3.7..

Review by FawFul

18 Aug 2008, 19:35
For: Battle1 Remake (Death)
Level rating: 1.2

1). include the tileset
2). how hard is it to set the good jj2 version ffs.
3). i don’t like it at all.. try to make your own level

RecommendedReview by FawFul

15 Aug 2008, 20:36
For: Hellforge
Level rating: 7.6

Overall, a small, simple level. with a average eyecandy that is not perfect yet. (even with a english dictionary i can’t explain exactly how), the buildings are looking odd.. the 1 colored translucent tile shaped in the building looks a bit unrealistic and weird to me.. further things, the level is very simple to learn. nothing really sucks about the gameplay, it’s actually pretty good. and i like the original parts like the seeker power up with wind speeds that let u fall in pits.
some bad things what i think could be better.. that’s the placement and the amount off it. i think 4 carrots is to much for a pretty small level like this, so i also think about the power ups. 4 power ups is to much for a level like this size. and 3 off the 4 pu’s can be sidekicked, which gives you full ammo. which is imo to much.

the + and – points i give this level download recommendation, because after all it’s really average, and fun playing.

(pj did a good job on the pallette)

Not recommendedReview by FawFul

22 Jun 2008, 17:56 (edited 28 Jun 08, 10:13 by FawFulcc)
For: Training level for JDC
Level rating: 2.6

if i want to “train” i just play a 2v2 or 3v3/duels/ or just with clan members. Atleast in normal levels. cause this just hurt my eyes, the background has to much x/y speed :S. about the level. the layout and placement isn’t even good enough to call it a real .j2l (level)(file). it looks definitly uninspired, not put any though in how to create a well play level. its filled with 2 dead ends, with large small paths withouth any eyecandy/thin walls/ to many ammo/to fast respawn. in other words, not playable. sorry, this is not a good file.. and no download recommendation, i advice the commnunity to don’t even try to have a look. it makes u very sad, really.

please spent more on you’re levels, add eyecandy, bigger walls, more area’s, no dead ends, bigger levels, more inspiration. this is the advice i give, and this was my review.

RecommendedReview by FawFul

19 Jun 2008, 13:08 (edited 19 Jun 08, 21:09 by FawFulcc)
For: JJ1 OLOELO Levels
Level rating: 7.2

9.5? really.. this is obviously very high.. i can’t say this is as good as the levels from evilmike which get around these ratings.. i found some more bugs then you did.. sorry.

the levels are fairly good with some flaws.. there are some bugs which you can see during playing. like the vines in raneforus. they are masked well, but u didn’t put a vine event on it. which makes it pretty confusing and irritating. for the rest, i saw a huge bug in the orbitus level, actually 2, which wasn’t needed. u tried the let the vertical tubes get you up.., diagonal.. but u did this by combinating the hor-spring event + tubes, and this wasn’t needed. you can both edit x- and y- speed. If you do both above speed 20 u can blast yourself diagonal, so this is a better way, unbugged, to blast yourself up.. cause the springs and tubes may cause problems
which brings u down, instead off up.
the other bug wasn’t that big but just handy to know.. as i can see you know both the hurt and bee event. only to bad u used the bee event. because i saw a bug in this. even you can’t see any picture, you’re seekers still go to the bee events. you see something (actually nothing) splat. if there is a enemy close and you want to kill him with seekers, and ur seekers go to the “hurt” bee event. is something what you don’t want and that would be quite nasty.

forgot to mention, the vine events in orbitus weren’t used. and in overall, in all levels, the paths were to small to play in. of course it must be like the real jj1.. what u tried to make. but it’s still not very well done. the industrius level is okay, but quite short.

overall gameplay is okay, but could be better. this also comes cause off the bugs in levels. most time there is only 1 path to follow, what is quite boring. there is no story as far as i know, and there are no puzzles. i actually never saw things like trigger crates, platforms, scenery events. you only used some certain events over and over again in all those levels.

this was about gameplay.. now go on with eyecandy, which is a small part in my whole review. the eyecandy is nice done. just like the real jj1, its not the nicest. since we know make random walls and chambers etc in walls, but that’s not the real jj1 style, we both know that. u did ur job as converting the eyecandy well. but overall now in 2008 the eyecandy for a jj2 level is just “okay”. i don’t know if u made the layout urself or u just copied out off jj1. if u did, then it’s quite easy, to copy everything, and hardly needed inspiration, but i leave this for now. since i don’t know if u did or didn’t.

and now the placement.. which will take longer than the eyecandy part.. maybe even longer than the beginning. the placement is something what you can’t copy out off jj1 levels, since jj2 has a whole different set off placement in the event list. the levels are quite easy, u hardly die. u cared to much about carrots and ammo placement, there could be more events like coins for a bonus and food. i saw to much ammo piles, and carrots. as you know u have 5 hearts at the beginning of every level, and counting the carrots up i come out on like 5 +1 carrots in each level, which is quite to much for a gameplay like this. the monsters are easy to kill. and the placement is to easy to find. and 2 +1 carrots in the same room? i think that’s to much. the are also to much invisible carots. next time use more events, what i also said above in the gameplay column.

Overall rating:
good things are:

the real jj1 eyecandy.
the good chosen monsters.
finding out the layer 8 bg in industrius.
the amount of gems.

Bad Things are:

all the bugs i found
the low amount of difference in events
some irritating one way ground.
the amount of carrots and ammo placement.
no coins.
almost no food. (no way to get a sugar rush or sth)

overall, u still get download recommendation for you’re work. since nobody seems to be impressed by our fantastic jj1 game anymore.

but the bad things smashes ur rating to a fairly 6.7 which could be better.

We’ll see how things go next time.


oh, and by the way, i also give this rating because i think PT32’s rating is rediciously high, like all ratings he give. of course it’s his opinion, but if u look at the fairly rating of the whole j2o downloads system. than i think his ratings are way to high. this may get irritating for people. since the ratings aren’t fairly based anymore. whine what you want :P, but these ratings did irritate me.

** pt32, no i am not trying to insult you.. the only thing i want to say u that ur ratings are way to high if u look to others. make a more based rating . let’s not make this a fight or something ;). that u get mad or something.. wasn’t my meaning. it was only about “different” ratings u give then normal guys. and i thought the vines weren’t used in jj1 because there wasn’t a event for this ;S

Review by FawFul

17 Jun 2008, 18:29
For: Flower Gardens
Level rating: 8.5

Pretty nice level. but the warps have more targets what brings you’re skills having a combination with luck. further there are much platforms. the ideas are pretty good.. but u used to much off them in one level.. kind of to much events like copters/one way/ warps / tubes / triggers which makes u get bumped around everywere in the map. pretty complicated. some points for effort, ideas, eyecandy and a little bit for gameplay since this is the most annoying part for me in the level.

9.5 is outstanding and it’s still not 8 worth imo. since i gave a lot of critiscm. but we’ll do it with a 7.5, which is not pretty bad. just one thing.. don’t use all concepts in 1 level next time.. because it definitly looks like that ;o.

Not recommendedReview by FawFul

21 May 2008, 16:49 (edited 22 May 08, 16:38 by FawFulcc)
For: Diesel
Level rating: 4.2

i saw TONS off bugs, dead ends, misplaced tiles that made me very :( sad face. So here they are with a review just for you, not making the same mistake next time.

First off all =
The music doesn’t fit in this Night version theme.. it’s to “heavy”…

something about the level platforms/gameplay:

it’s very clumsy and small.. u tried to make a pit with CTF bases and bees events . What won’t work,.. u won’t get hurt by the bees or Hurt events in multiplayer, and the score system to die only works in single player. So u will be stuck forever in that pit, nothing that will help you out.. you could at least Betatest your map to get the bugs out off it, what you probably haven’t done. We now like to use JJ2+ to let the 255 pit event work. and there are some dead ends at the upper side (especially left) which also ruins the gameplay a bit. oh and by the way, the steam is very irritating when u are moving around, and there is no way to get in the “coal chute” room since the wind is stopping you to get in ( u probably wanted that the wind BRINGS you in there.. but u used the wrong direction) the steam also prevents that you are not able to jump. and some in the mid is a tube that gives you a airboard which is pretty useless, since the paths are way to small at that part. some good points are, that the whole level also has some good big paths with nice platforms ideas.

some more things about the eyecandy:

the platforms do look a big plain (mostly straight lines) and the background is “okay”. the buildings are well done with good speed settings, but the Textured background isn’t textured here, which makes u get a weird pattern background at layer 8 when u are playing this level, and the moon doesn’t have any speed setting which makes the moon a very unrealistic look, because it doesn’t make any movement. the sprite layer has also some bugs, like misplacing tiles. the whole brick part that is made southeast of the map is misplaced, and the ground around the Danger Machina (don’t know how to name it) is also misplaced. the fire on the lava tiles does look a bit unrealistic, since these tiles are made for the background. and the fire that goes up in that machine looks a bit ugly, in my opinion.

Some things About Originality

Not much but just to say only one thing:
pretty original but the amount of events(most of the events are pretty usless like the airboard and hurt events) and the new ideas of eyecandy weren’t that good, which ruins your grade for a bit.

Download Recommendation?

No, the design was “okay” for a level around the 6, but the eyecandy and gameplay parts and useless events ruines the level a bit

don’t ask me why to write a quite long review for a level like this, but i just don’t want you to make these mistakes again.. i hope u use this review to make your new level better.

I also hope you make effort on you’re skills so u can get me suprised..

Well, we’ll see ;D
maybe i will write another review for your next level,.. who knows…. ;o

Review by FawFul

1 Apr 2008, 15:19
For: American Spaceland
Level rating: N/A

stop it always using “” because u like that music.. u have to put a music in a level that ‘fits’.

Review by FawFul

28 Mar 2008, 19:15
For: AwCool +AW lvl Pack New Version
Level rating: N/A

creating 5 levels by only swapping 1 level-layout, to 5 kinds of tileset pallettes is not called a level pack :l

Review by FawFul

17 Mar 2008, 08:08
For: Jazz related Pencil Artworks
Level rating: N/A

That looks great :D.. however jazz himself looks a bit ugly.. ;o.
but i am sure u pwn my artwork <3

RecommendedReview by FawFul

6 Feb 2008, 17:34 (edited 6 Feb 08, 18:27 by FawFulcc)
For: The REAL one Alton Towers tileset
Level rating: 7.5

Alton towers tileset

Alton towers tileset is an interesting tileset with an original eyecandy, it looks like a fun park with much activities

the eyecandy is original, the options for the background layers are just wonderful. with a good handle of layer speed u will get a great bg with activities – buildings – mountains, and a nice colored sky

the tiles are original, but i can’t say it’s fantastic, if u make a level with this u will get a plain ground which is a bit crappy, the gras tiles are a bit small in size and the ground is just 1 pixel color, only if u put thing in it in layer 3 or other tiles u can make it a bit better, but it will be still not great

the idea of scenery is brilliant the i like the kiosks and the rollercoaster rails, also the platform events that u used in your example levels are very original. there are much hard complicated animation events that u made, which makes the tileset more beautiful (the rollercoaster in de loop at the background)the trees and way of painting reminds me of twilight park.

also, the ground has another option,with a path of stones which looks really nice but when it goes up it looks like the stones aren’t that close to each other anymore which is unrealistic also the streetlamps could have an animation of a better lightning scenery..

the 2B version of the example otherwise the night background looks not very well imo, the quality of those tiles sucks a bit
*and btw the cinema looks kinda big if u look to the other things in layer 6

the spikes are original with a nice animated event
the rotating things in the ground are very cool, this let the makers/players reminds that this tileset is a bit technical aswell, like the rollercoaster etc

mmm? what else, well i like the cartoonish drawing however the quality sux, but that’s why i name it cartoonish :P it’s nice overall

it’s not very hard to use, all event tiles are included in this nice tileset

nothing more to say
quality = medium but rox
useful = yes, all event tiles are included
eyecandy = just wicked, and original
scenery = very nice and cartoonish, however the ground looks a bit plain.

nothing more to say, a 7.7 (most of the new ideas) it looks different than other tilesets, but also has the same event options

Gus, u did a brilliant job ;)

** Btw, my english sux but these things can still be usefull…well, i hope so ;s.


RecommendedQuick Review by FawFul

29 Jan 2008, 08:15 (edited 28 Mar 09, 13:59)
For: Cracco Castle
Level rating: 8.4

you should say it’s typical a tileset of craccoboy :P
Cracco Castle is a easy to learn tileset with a nice quality.
it also contains most of the event tiles.i didn’t found any bugs (not in the pallete either like 8-bit background) gj on that one. and the mask is ok.
and it has a nice example level ofc =D.

RecommendedReview by FawFul

15 Jan 2008, 22:01 (edited 16 Jan 08, 16:14 by FawFulcc)
For: Relaxia Lakeside
Level rating: 6.9

Relaxia Lakeside

here we go


this level is kinda original. The mountians with the water are nice, first time it was like the mountains were floating in the air but after some time u see it ;).the bricks that flows from wall to wall are nice, ecially the translucent tile between the bricks.the level is still a bit small, and has a normally gameplay (platforms etc)


u did a good job here as well, the buildings give a nice city feeling and the mountains like a beautiful nature, u cmbinated these elements good in each other, although i think this is not the best part of your level. There is not much scenery in layer 5, the floor ur walking on is a bit boring. but there are bricks, but there could be some more scenery imo (floor [like trees]).(the forground rain is perfect it is much but not yet annoying)


placement is 1 of the best things of your level, i hardly had to jump for ammo or other stuff.Most ammo is set on ground floor, so if u run u pick it up automaticlyand about big placements, the bouncer and rf are hard to reach.. the platform is a bit high maybe u should put a float up or something. but overall this is really nice :D


really pwnage, the platforms are simple though but it has a perfect flow (only that reaching pu stuff) XD …. anyway, it’s nice and i like the base placement, it gives more possibilities to rts or capping the flag, not much possibilities for camping either ;) that’s very nice :D,but.. this level is easier to play with spaz than with jazz..


it’s very nice, it’s gives a warm feeling when playing, it fits :D


Tips:try to make no difference for character possibilities, and put some more stuff on the ground


Nice level, small, easy to learn, brilliant design :D,normal level,quite good eyecandy,good placement

i give u a =


u worked a lot for it and ur in xlm
(welcome btw) nice level and i think u will make many other good levels :D!

Keep it going EIGUS!:)


Yes, of course, this level is brilliant, and u must see this/have it
nice to host for a random time :) just small map but also fun :D ( or like u always says = IT’S FUN! haha)

i Hope ur happy with my review :D


** R3ptile, its not a bug.. it is water

RecommendedReview by FawFul

5 Jan 2008, 10:50 (edited 5 Jan 08, 10:53 by FawFulcc)
For: JJ2 1.23 Mouse support v1.0
Level rating: 8.5

Mouse Control, here we go

it’s very funny :)
i played with it in sp levels..
but it was hard =(
it’s brilliant how u got this idea.. but sometimes i moved a bit buggy =

1)jumpĂ­ng don’t work well, if u speed up and jump (sometimes u don’t even jump) u jump very low

2)moving around was also hard for me.
if u hold run with shift or caps it’s hard to move around.. in castle the queen boss i just ran into the spikes when the blocks fell down..
it’s a bit high sensitive for me =/

anyway, after this bugs it’s still brilliant and it’s actually very Funny to have controls that are hard to use =p

tip = you shouldnt put everything in the mouse, you putted shooting,jumping + moving around in the mouse controls

imo you should place the movement just in the arrows at the keyboard. because it’s hard to handle all in the mouse .. btw the movement was very buggy (high sensitivexD)


yes, it is brilliant, and u still can get a higher rating if u follow the tips :), but for now on for you an good mark 8.2


Not recommendedReview by FawFul

31 Dec 2007, 11:47
For: Turtemple Remix
Level rating: 1.5

it has the same properties as your prev music.. again the speed change, im srry its exactly the same review but u only edited the same thing =

the music flows not very good.. its looking like u only made it faster in speed.
its going to fast.. and u dont hear all the instruments well.
i can’t say more about it. u just have to learn a bit more how to edit jj2 musics and not only set the speed.
i just don’t like it. you can make this in 2 min.. so you didnt spended much time for it.

Download recommendation?

no, not this time =(.. maybe your next music will be better =)

Review by FawFul

20 Dec 2007, 08:31
For: International Space Port
Level rating: 5.0

jimbob.. what masterrokusho means (what i think he means) that u just have to start all over again and make an new level.. where you spend much time in it. then its getting better,
uploading and upgrading don’t work if the platforms + gameplay is boring..

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