RecommendedQuick Review by FawFul

9 Dec 2007, 17:30
For: Desolation (Updated)
Level rating: 9.5

nice tileset.. i already used it for my example to xlm ;D
most because its high quality much different tiles like grass + industrial – moon
just everything what a tileset needs even the events like vine + poles are in it :D
pallette is nice i can almost every tile in layer 8 as 3D background without bleeding.
Desolation PWNS you all XD


Not recommendedQuick Review by FawFul

9 Dec 2007, 17:26
For: Tubepileptic
Level rating: 4.7

a bit harsh on my ears =( i can\‘t follow the rhytm good.. =S
some parts are nice though but i dont like all the sounds of instruments.. but i give an 4.5 because u changed much and its an real conversion :D

well.. i think i shouldnt give an download recommendation.. maybe next time..


Not recommendedReview by FawFul

22 Sep 2007, 23:58
For: Fortunate Fortunes CTF (Plz download and rate!)
Level rating: 4.4

first things whats ANNOYING =

1. poor mask in tileset

2. bad gameplay and things are to difficult for me.

3. to much “1 color” if i see the yellow ground + the waterfalls, than im become crazy.(maybe u had to choose another tileset)

4.poor eyecandy, no textured background it looks like poor bricked layer 8.

5. uhm, there is only bouncer and RF weapon? how can i have a good gampeplay with this .?

6. bouncer PU is to hidden.

good things =) :

1.its a small lvl for fun, the tiles are good detailed.

2. ammo placement is very well and it cant be fun for dueling or “hyper” instagib :p

3.u choosed a cool musicfile x3!

download recommendation? = no srry its not good enough for me …

but just keep making lvls i hope i made some advice for u ;|.

im sure that there will be a lvl what intrest me very well.

so good luck and see ya in my next review ;d!

Review by FawFul

25 Aug 2007, 10:24
For: J2B to IT converter v0.3
Level rating: 9.1

very nice but :/
i looked for a (it,xm,s3m,mod) to j2b converter … if anybody know plz tel me =d

Review by FawFul

24 Aug 2007, 21:05 (edited 25 Aug 07, 09:17 by FawFulcc)
For: Castle J hott V2
Level rating: N/A

im not start reviewing it yet :p
but i want give a litl tip :)

its a nice tileset rly and great invited but maybe the red castle blocks a bit darker because it hurts my eyes a bit :p

**or you contrast you tileset would be better xD

Not recommendedReview by FawFul

24 Aug 2007, 11:08
For: PIT Eragon
Level rating: 3.8

First Review!=D



1.You cant fill up the background(-0,3)

2.the colors are a bit ripped(-0,3) have forgot IMPORTANT things like vines, tubes, and poles(-0,3)

4.tileset could have more tiles

5.things in city eyecandy are black painted this automaticly DONT HAVE ANY COLOR

6.u made shooting blocks but i think there awful :/ there build with 3 colors…, the colors are a bit ripped(-0,1)


1. the bricks are good idea and nice for me(+2)

2.masking is Perfect for me :D(+3)

TOTAL SCORE= 3 + 2 = 5 – 1.5 = a 3.5 :/


No… not this time ;/


Review by FawFul

4 Jul 2007, 12:52 (edited 4 Jul 07, 18:19 by Cooba)
For: It's 2-2 Time!
Level rating: N/A

the beat is good!

but the sounds are (not too good) :(

by fawful :p

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Review by FawFul

2 Jul 2007, 20:32
For: Project Gamma
Level rating: 9.5

its a very good program…
but when i want standard CTF colors i just use carrotade thats :

2.more stuff does the same options (+stuff :p)

it is a good idea but your to late =

Carrotade is Rocking at the moment :/

Review by FawFul

2 Jul 2007, 20:23 (edited 2 Jul 07, 21:37 by Cooba)
For: Deluxe Hotel 2.2!!!
Level rating: 2.2

this hotel isnt good :/
its stupid that when u go up u get a sunlight … its to strong all contrast settings are stupid then…. change it and work on the eyecandy

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Review by FawFul

21 Jun 2007, 10:30
For: Jazz Commander 1.4 / 1.23 + 1.24
Level rating: 9.0

srry i say but u have to fix some bugs :/ i get always RUNE TIME ERROR :6
OVERFLOW… i dont have anything on the program if it doesnt work… (to bad)Re-upload plz and this time =(let it work;p )

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