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Welcome to the Earlong Royal Encyclopedia
Welcome to the Earlong Royal Encyclopedia! The ERE is a so-called wiki, where everyone can add and edit information about subjects that are related to the Jazz Jackrabbit universe and community. You can browse through the current entries, expand them, or create new ones, and everyone is able and encouraged to contribute.
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The current featured entry is List servers. It describes in great detail the function of the list servers, and how they work to keep the multiplayer mode in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 working.

Other notable wiki entries include Lori Jackrabbit, Generator and Jazz Jackrabbit Advance.
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Subjects overview

Jazz Jackrabbit Series
Jazz Jackrabbit 1, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Jazz Jackrabbit 3, Jazz Jackrabbit Advance, More…

Jazz Jackrabbit 2
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Storyline, List of known Jazz Jackrabbit 2 bugs, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 History, More…

Jazz level and tileset creation
JCS, JCS Events, Tilesets, More…

Game Types
Single Player, Capture the Flag, Battle, Treasure Hunt, Custom Game Types, More…

Party Mode, List servers, CTF Codes, More…

Community, Community history, Clans, Level Groups, Fansites, More…